Kamel Chenaouy KC-GRAAL
Kamel Chenaouy KC-GRAAL

KC-GRAAL, Humbucker guitar pickup from Kamel Chenaouy.

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tanyu 08/20/2010

Kamel Chenaouy KC-GRAAL : tanyu's user review

«  The Grail Humbucker .. »

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I use them for a year on my Dream Machine manufactured also for Kamel Chenaouy.
I had dozens of Humbuckers all brands for 35 years and I've never met a microphone as impressive and versatile.

Fear them speak their characteristics:
Micro Neck:
Resistance = 15.696 K
Inductance = 10.174 H 120Hz
Capacitance = 50.68 pF
U.S. Magnet: Alnico V
Micro Bridge:
Resistance = 17.154 K
Inductance = 11.639 H 120Hz
Capacitance = 62pf
Magnet: Alnico V

Needless to say it sends the woods ...

More importantly, these being split-pickups (and my guitar, fitted with a switch out of phase), they allow nearly all the records once splitted by providing an output level that actually corresponds to a simple microphone and not a mere weakling like most humbuckers that offer only 5 or 5.5 K once splitted .. You can play with a record high level strat or the punchy twang of a telecaster sound and the next minute jump headlong into a log level of trash a set of active pickups, rocking blues about it in an unbridled, put the mic out of phase and get into the interpretation of a great jazz, short .. versatility in all its glory ..

On a guitar top as the Dream Machine (the microphones are intended primarily for high-end guitars, anyway, even if we can mount them on a piece of wood Sinology .. Everyone does what he wants its sub;)), a good musician can provide an entire gig without ever having to change guitar pickups as these are the case in all registers. The attack is frank, clear, melodious sound without ever being soft, rich harmonics, a feast for the soloist, for métlleuxeux for the jazz .. Well I stop I could write for miles ..

The quality / price is enormous ..

I'll buy this set without hesitation if I ever do, I have not finished exploring it again and again ... There I became big fan .. If you do not already know this brand of microphones, it's time you concerned ..