Kami Micros Arashi
Kami Micros Arashi

Arashi, Humbucker guitar pickup from Kami Micros.

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qnitech 01/13/2010

Kami Micros Arashi : qnitech's user review


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PERIOD Aprsune of intensive testing, I must go the obviousness, Sylvain MULLER is a god ... or so it's god ... in any case is that of micro Franais rock!
I equipped one of my guitar (mahogany body GODIN EXIT 22 round SLAR) with HSS configuration Harash, EE90, EE90, after you tried a scoop of SD and MD, I finally found what I was looking for, whatever the position duslecteur, the combination is deadly Harash EE90!
Harash position only, Sylvain is not lying when he says that a bite but it's clean and there is beef in it, and even the big beef, whether saturated or clear it looks like the best mics GIBSON ... but better.
I already availing oneself of an EE90 (which is my favorite) in the neck position, round and warm as the embers, as if c'tait a girl he'd do things! A EE90 So I said in the neck position, so I logically, on the recommendations of Sylvain, APRS in a lengthy discussion with him in person (wouaaaa) add an inverted polarity EE90 ... how to say ... Mount each time ... how to say ... I do not know what else to change that position monslecteur as I like all the positions.
At ease in fields as varied as lemtalau funk to rock or jazz, these microphones captured me, I have only one regret, I have guitar equip for now!
If I put 10 first and foremost because perfection exists (I took some time noticing) and besides the man who manufactured it to me is the king of guy, generous with advice, available, full of humor, you want to be his buddy so he's cool! (Even when it has a default, it is not very pain in HTML (wink)
As more is manufactured in France, the best components and Sylvain utiliss tries to reconcile it all with the most dedveloppement durablepossible (for packing h! Not mikes!) he deserves a hat!
I said!