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SP Custom Handwound Pickups Savage Beast
SP Custom Handwound Pickups Savage Beast
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ibanez_grx070 ibanez_grx070
Publié le 12/04/09 à 11:52
mounted on my easel exploring in classic white, this Micro sends wood!
I play on plexi 76, my only effects a Blackstar HT Dual (for now), the sound is warm and precise while even though I have yet to test it on an amp more accurate than the marshall or is not his field!

the sound is warm and has a side "rocky," he responds very well to volume knob, and respects the violin, my guitar has a sound quite dull for the shape and mass of wood, but this feature keeps the sound proceeded to a higher level.
it adapts classic rock to metal without worries, just understand the principle of a volume knob on a guitar and an amp gain!

it has less bass than in 500t gibson has an output level equal to this one but is more precise and harmonic whistled the above do raise the hairs on your ass!

the value taken is interesting because for the same price (120 euros fdi) a micro-known brand doing factory, we had to do stuff hands and customizable, and it's clear that I would do this chioix!

I love the most, well the sound of course!
I like the least 3 weeks is a long time especially since I have not had the time in city (over a month of delays but it was worth the shot)

(I try to explore the 3 micro, 500t, microphone sgstandart, and this one) and other skyscrapers, More gibson including p90, the emg was 81,85,60, 60, Seymour Duncan Blackout, tone zone etc. ...
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