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revola 08/12/2004

Fender Performer 1000 : revola's user review


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Amp hybrid tube preamp and power amp transistor.
2 channels, a clear and full. Two saturation levels for channel saturated, switchable with the footswitch provided. 3-band EQ per channel.
Effects loop, reverb ...
100w but if you push the volume, I rather feel like a 300w in my hands.


Big big complaint: no master volume. It's very annoying because the selected volume on each channel directly affects the sound. And a master that would exceed the volume of the two channels. In general, playing in groups I put the volume on each channel at 1.5 .... of 10! difficult to resolve because 1mm to the right and it is too strong and 1 mm left and it seems to play in a 2 watt amp ...
Otherwise, the rest is fine. switchable channels and reverb on / off on pedals included.


Just for the clean sound, this amp is worth its price. Of course it's a fender, very typical, but for those who love is happiness.
Boosted channel, it is less concaincant, but just a little heat lamp and well set the equalizer to have a very good sound.
Great for styles ranging from jazz to hard rock. Metal fans, go your way.
The EQ is very effective. you turn the knobs a bit and we get a sound radically different.
The reverb ... ah, the reverb! I love it! Play this amp without reverb for 10 minutes and then snap the ... you can not stop playing. Superb.
Only one regret: it is not possible to avaoir a crunch sound worthy of the name. Even with saturation set to the mini, it is still too present for my taste. Is a solution, increase the volume of the amp and the guitar down.


In the end, beautiful clear sound, a great reverb, great sound full, effective and EQ pedals complete.
We feel a difference with all-tube amp quality as a Fender Twin, but for a price difference ... Gargantuan!
However, in the same price range, I found no amp can compete. Perhaps only the Marshall VS100R, but it is more oriented rock / metal.
In short, the price is a gem.