Fender Roc Pro 1000
Fender Roc Pro 1000

Roc Pro 1000, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Roc Pro series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 21 reviews )
 9 reviews43 %
 9 reviews43 %
 2 reviews10 %
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Bowtie-band's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super amp"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
In terms of features, everything has been said about. One thing that comes, the power of this amp. It's true that we spoil its 100W! After, it depends on usage.


For my part, I find that its use is simple enough to yield easily the sound you want. With this amp, you can afford a wide range of sound!


Sound level; excellent, perfect. I play mostly funk and that kind of music is ideal. The typical Fender clean sound is excellent, it offers crystal clear sound, slamming! TOP
And distortion tell me? I was pleasantly surprised by its versatility, its clean as it is excellent, I thought the distortion will be "set aside". Well no ... This amp is just great ...


This is an excellent compromise, a good deal, I bought € 330 and I am completely satisfied!

xavross's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What a Surprise!"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
100 watt transistor amp, with the lamp (12AX7) in the preamp.
An effects loop.
A footswitch to control channel with the choice of drive and reverb.
Amp settings:
- Clean channel volume
- 3-band EQ
- Drive 1
- Drive 2
- Level effects loop
- Reverb.


It is very fast in the bathroom, the settings are simple and clear sound is at once confident. The distortion is faithful to his Fender and many slobbery, the sound is superb Crunch. Caution, however, must be provided to play high volume to enjoy this amp.


The main qualities of this amp in my resident in its clear sound and crunch sound that can address almost any style. The popping sound was a unique personality which is not really what I want, however, I had the opportunity to use a Rocktron Silver Dragon and a Blues Driver and the sound was superb. It should be noted that the reverb is beautiful.


I used it a long time and I just put aside for practical reasons, but the highlight for me from rehearsals close to home. The clean sound and reverb I miss especially. The price is great value since one finds it more than occasionally.

Khan4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"An excellent Fender ... with a big distortion."

Fender Roc Pro 1000
100 W hybrid amplifier transistors / tubes;

So, if I understand:
A transistor-amp for the clean channel
One (or two?) Preamp (s) to tube 2 channel crunch and distorion

Before, we have, from left to right (all the knobs are graduated from 1 to 10):
- The input guitar
- Inspections of the clean (Normal): Volume, mid boost, treble, mid, bass
- Controls the party tube ("Tube Drive): Gain 1, Gain button choices, gain 2, LEDs indicating channel, treble, mid, bass, button choice tube / clear volume
- Two controls labeled "Master" ... : Reverb and Effects Mix
- A footswitch jack (included)
- The power button

- Max external speaker output 8 Ohm
- Line Out
- Effects loop send / return with level selection switch 3: 16 7 DBV DBV 4DBV

The amplifier measures about in cm: 57 * 24 * 45 and weighs his weight, transportable rather than portable, you do not you type with 500m walk.


Not really man I can remember, just the shots of the amp.

Using very simple: share volume and equalizer settings, we have a 3 button footswitch, 1 to enable the distortion, 1 to select channel and 1 to turn the reverb springs

It is well enough fiddling to find the sound you want, but you can get according to taste pretty good to very good sound varied from light to heavy distortion crystalline metal.

Note that I played over a very long time with an old aria pro 2 rs spirit of opportunity in its very bof and I still got out of beautiful sounds.


It is suitable for a range of styles: the channels are very changeable due to very sensitive faders, each providing significant variations in sound.
It may therefore have:
A-end and crystal clear sound or property consisting boosted the mids, great playing

A crunch-excellent, everything goes, Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton AC / DC

One-distortion, and that is where the amp broke away at the time of Fender usual: he was wanted more versatile and does not nothing good name ROC PRO. It can range from mild distortion, which is already a bit more violent than a crunch and dirty rock / blues, to heavy distortion busy that we should not push the gain on the bottom to play Metallica. It already provides a nice range of distortion, what great fun and still play styles, although this is not the best or the best disto of the world, just a little too sharp. In it the clear and are superior crunch, but there is plenty to do with its versatility, power and good sound that hard!


I've had 12 years and it did not disappoint me, it happens not easily within its sound.

I do not remember having tried tons of amps before, I had noticed and preferred to other magazines for his good reviews (no internet buzzing with news at the time), versatility and its price, I was trying, perhaps others at the same time but I did not score, and it was purchased directly, my first amp.

The sound is very good and varied for the price, a Fender bass distortion is not a joke, it works and it is clear from the quality of the Fender.

With the experience I would have chosen something less than 100 W. Indeed, it is much too big to play at home in his room, apartment, terraced houses even we forget, and this limit for group rehearsals. on the other hand for small concert here everything can ensure quiet from the little cafe at the ballroom, there is absolutely no doubt about its wattage, it sends. Which means that I have never regretted one second, a small amp can be frustrating on the sound, with the latter one having fun.

The only real criticism is probably the lack of a headphone and a master. For the clean sound no problem, we can lower the channel volume and the guitar and still have something good, although the volume of the canal cut between 2 and 1. As for cons channel tube was sound from 1.5 but it only takes its character from that of 2, which is already very strong, the ears are to be held well in 2m amp. Before that it was not carément the same sound, rather a boil dirty fuzz.
Therefore, forced to play loud enough if you want good sound, which can be annoying if you do not have a planned place. To view, requisitioned as I rise to 2 on each preamp, or just above, and it is quite sufficient.

Besides you need to know it was an excellent value for money, and if I were back in those days, beginning guitar and knowing my taste, I certainly would not choose anything else for that budget. I made over my arms and never let me down, I'm really lucky to have everything on a good amp with good sound, I've had 12 years and didn ' m not tired, I'll change the quality of the guitar and surely rediscovering. With a good instrument and one or the other equalizer I can get the most ...

Twx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Semi lamps (overdrive) and semi transistors for clean I think.
Power 100 watts but I read in a test that is more powerful lightweight.

Level connections, see the other. Otherwise lack a headphone jack but hey it is very powerful it seems to me a ...

Effects, just the rverbe in addition to the two channels overdrive (only 1 for Eq 2)

7 for the lack of equalizer for each of the spars overdrive (I'll explain why below), and the lack of the headphone jack.


Trs simple recess configuration;)

Sound. Then clean, it's pretty impressive I think. Personally, I connect over my multi effects (ZOOM G2.1u) the sound is perfect. It gives really great once configured multi effect. It blows a little on some distortion, but given the price of the amp is more than reasonable ngligeable, especially as it blows a lot. In Overdrive, the sound is pretty cool. I play with enough bass, or rather too much and it gives trebble super crunchy enough for his / rock.
For cons, the other for a day I find that the sound changes a bit. But must come from I think ^^...
As I said above, the lack of Eq spar for the overdrive is a bit boring because they have an output level diffrent. A more noise than the "other then when you change channels, ben forcment y'en one stronger than the other ... then the sound is very rough even when, but since I play on a Squier (which will be replaced ending for I hope) I think is a micro.
Reverb level, as long as you do not push the button too high, it niquel.

Otherwise no manual, no need.


It should;) Even if the multi purpose behind it is a little simple act pregnant.

So I play with a Squier 51 and I play it with a dja high end PRS, Seagull electroacousstique a good bill and a Cort 12 string (acoustic). The acoustic sounds are really good to quote qqu'un else. It's just trs. On my squier was me. And with the PRS I have a vague recollection that ca dchirait ;-)

By clean, I often RULES 6.5 5.5 9 trebble bass, volume not high, like 1-2 because this amp screams littralement. If you are in your townhouse I think you should avoid; j'embte dja me all my house;)
In disto, disto's not too high like 4-5 and then the knobs on for bluesy 4 5 3 / crunch, ... to see, but you can play stuff quite DIFFERENT.
I get a sound so serious but always crystal clear enough, and I think the sound is typical fender Submitted;)

on the other hand I do not like the slamming of the cot ultra clean amp when it disables the brightness (the thing that mix the middles and Trebble)

It is certainly the guitar too, but it is unbearable ...

I put 8 because it is cool


Used by me for almost 2 years, by my Mom before (very little and acoustic).
I like the sound, I love the rough sound of distortion, I think I will change the lights ...
I have not tried any other models, but to be honest, in-store I can never be satisfied with the sound of other amps ... I think I by chance found what I needed ^ ^.
The ratio price quality seems excellent sincerely.
With exprience, I think I would do so this choice. With one more possibility budgtaire leve I think I would buy a more upscale brand to another. But if not know that store I always try to find this amp for a totally objective view of the guitars ... which never happened ...;)

Overall rating 8

tryf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Amp 100W lamps preamp (12AX7) front input jack, footswitch jack for 3 buttons, effects loop with adjustable impedance, output hp (8ohms minimum), spring reverb


Using very simple and intuitive 3 channel, one clean one overdrive distortion channel clean is to set volume and bass mid and treble, the distortion channels have gain over and over gain disot bass acute and medium volume. passage of the canal to clean canals distos a switch, and channel distortion in overdrive by another switch.
Adjust its sound is very easy and quickly you get what you seek but it should still be well know to have a specific (time of heating lamps, different answer ... etc etc) no manual. the reverb is engaged by a switch and a knob is used for mixing dry and wet, and another knob adjusts the dry and wet from the effects loop.


It's been six years since I played it with different musical styles, blues-rock heavy metal black metal, and has always satisfied. While this is not a big all-tube distortion with a death but more than enough.
The sound is extremely clean crystalline slamming very personally love but it depends on taste. The overdrive is excellent very warm and versatile. The distortion is impressive for a fender, marks not really known for that. Here it is really powerful and not be fat enough, can be a little lack of precision in attack. I played with various groups with and he never gave me default, of course you have to know by heart to be eligible to play with the big sound with and adapt his game according pick but then he is bluffing. Configuration or in concert I repeat the pair to a 4 * 12 marshall is there all the amps of the same price range I've tried (including the Marshall Valvestate of its direct competitor) is not comparable in versatility and power. No concern for the potato at 100 watts is really there. Its only two large default that are obviously the guitar jack serves as the bypass switch and preamp to always unplug the amp with cutting pain of a big bed even at zero volume. The second problem is that its power is not linear. From zero to one there are only two treble and pase the spectrum comes but big power. February-May the power increases but remains really constants up to 8 and 8 where it happened really hard so it is very hard to play in his room and have a good sound at low volume.
Personally I use a jackson rr mounted with emg active and the only effect that I allow myself is placed after a dimebag wah guitar.
I give 8 for bed and that it is hard to play low with good sound.


Simply stunning. for all fans who love the simplicity and efficiency it is perfect. low cost, very simple, robust, personally I hate playing with a string of effects and preamp to the chain so the fact the guitar to plug directly into it and have the sound I'm looking for is perfect for me. to advise all fans of rock and even metal if they can not afford a big beast which tears and prefer the simplicity and authentic sound in a simulated transistor

nitro44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
250euros bought-in OCCAZ
Transistor amp with tube preamp (12AX7) for channels drive
HP-1oowatts fender special design
-Spring reverb
facade:-guitar input jack
Footswitch jack (requires stereo jack) or clean drive1/drive2 selection and reverb
Rear-effects loop
-Switch high / medium / low (I do not know what for)
-Hp output for additional
-No headphone jack
settings: clean and lead channels with independent treble / middle / bass and volume (for common
both drive and gain (independent), mid shift button to mitigate the medium of
clear channel
He just needs a headphone jack and perhaps more EQ settings, but must not ask too much
-9 For the headphone jack, but it's seniority, the key is, and for the price it's going (there are many good 30watts at 200euros)


-With no manual, but classical and very simple config
-A noisy and uncomfortable bed if I did not disconnect the cable input before turning off even at zero volume, if I find a solution I will add it, but without doubt it is an old can, if you know: write I
-8 To bed


-Clear and beautiful sounds ovedrive, noted that the receiver must have close to 10 meter candles
Ovedrives-rock rather good fun, the first drive over the second most distortion is a matter of taste, but the playful EQ j'obtient all my wishes, overall fat enough, the breath, but I think that I must change the lamp, the age must also play
I do not know if that's the sound fender, I'm not going to pay me a tweed twin reverb or a dx, but it slams into clean and you can have it all, very discreet breath
-Spring reverb is nice, light breeze can be by activating
I played with a jet lag matt200, the effects go nickel
-8 For breath, but it's nickel


-Bought a year ago
I like it a lot, but I must admit that it is operated in a can in my room and rarely exceeds 2 / 10 volume, but it's sturdy and the sound is there, again with the problem of age, but my budget does not allow me to purchase an amp lamp
"I could already play the Marshall Valvestate 100 watts to a friend, a roland cube 15, a spiderII 75watts and with the same scratch
I think I do it again this election, but with a reserve for breath and my low need for power, but as soon as occesion comes to play in groups no soucy
Looney Tones09/16/2005

Looney Tones's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Amp transistors, with the lamp (12AX7) in Global Warming prampli for the sound.
100 Watts, and definitely not lazy!
Connectivity classic, no frills ... effective.
Rglages could not be more simple:
- Volume clear channel
- 3-band EQ
- Drive 1
- Drive 2
- Level effects loop
- Reverb (phenomenal!)


This gives a good sound trs trs quickly.
No manual included with, but not really necessary. This is the good old rglage simple and effective.


The clean channel gives a crystalline trs (from Fender), the rverb spring is wonderful.
Both channels are INTERESTED drive, even if I have a weakness for the overdrive, really warm that the distortion. The 12AX7's prampli really gives it all.

For when I was in the buff rock with friends, it was widely ... limit too powerful. As I am rather blues, I pass a Peavey Classic 30.
But there really a way to have fun with the ROC PRO 1000, much more versatile than the equivalent in Marshall, for example (Valvestate).


I did not now, but I shut trs happy. I have even an electro acoustic branch and I t bluff by the fineness of its clear, trs really clean.
It is a powerful amp really trs noise. HP is a little too prescriptive, but a pulse!
Report qualitprix not equal to the time when I bought it. Any amp with this power quality for the price-l.
I would do without this choice hsitation if I changed back to rock.
I said "ROCK" ... mtalleux, go your way, it's not for you!

HardBlues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Amp hybrid (lamp and transistor) 100 W.
Clean channel with volume, bass, treble, mid.
Two channels overdrive and distortion rglages with volume, bass, treble, mid joint.
Footswitch for the selection of channels 3 and rverbe.
Effects loop.
Output hp external line out, but it lacks a headphone jack.


Difficult to settle easier.
The sound is excellent in the clear and overdrive, the distortion is a matter of taste ...
I have no manual, but it has never failed me.


My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and the sound obtained with the Roc Pro overdrive is rather bold, parfiat in Rock and Blues.
The clean sound is warm and beautiful prcis.
The least distortion for me but the Epiphone pickups are probably also responsible ...


I use it for three years, and I'm not deu, robustness and power prices are frankly Roc Pro significant.

_jul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Hybrid amplifier (transistor amp + overdrive a lamp)
A clear channel
2 channels of overdrive
A button-building mdiums
EQUAL 3 bands
100W, but be careful, very strong (powerful but not specially strong)
Effects loop with knob in facade
Taken to spare head (8 ohms)
No headphone jack


Adjustments super simple, easy to find the right sound clear. A little more about the Distortion channel, one of the two appropriate to each (for cons, it is true, as the set of all the software it will tantt tantt the heavy), they are not the equivalent of a Solo + Rhythm.


- Fits my style not too bad, but hey we can do better forcment
- I play on a US Std Start with dual microphones in serious
- On the clean channel you get a really find anything. The Equal is quite effective (the trble an insensitive), and the reverb works wonders. This is the main strength of this amp. Personally s'arrte has seen the one I MT2 for distortion. I am in fact never happened to find interesting sounds on the overdrive of the amp. Any fawn pdalier I had no need so ...
- I find it really clear sound almost perfect, it's Fender "at its best." Saturated by the cons ...


- I use it for 5 years now. I had a small Fender Frontman for me, and Marshalls for rpeter.
- No bcp tergivers before acqurir (new 450), c'tait one of the few in my budget and appropriate in its power.
- I do not regret that choice at all. In addition to its clear sound, this amp has other advantages: Hyper robust (number of concerts keupons squats, beers overturn current supplied by a group electrogne, cuts "hot", pos m me dirt floor, dust, and trimballage in all directions etc. ...), and actually quite compact (takes 1 / 4 of the trunk of my 206) which allows to turn light, while sending the serious steak sound level (never test more than 4).
- Its default: in addition to the channel (channel but hey ....) overdrive just nase, one problem is the amp's speaker is trs directive: it's not in front evil, but a cot is zero. It seems that replacing this one with a Celestion 12 "radically changes the receiver class and do something top. I confess I have never tried.

- So I would say top quality price, experience that I would do gladly (but it runs too and I pass on the Mesa ... I fear dja bp of reliability so I keep a little one the

noirstalons's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Fender Roc Pro 1000 Amp
12AX7 pre amp
1 channel
the clean / distortion 2 (2 DIFFERENT gains) / reverb
1 x HP
A mix between effects


Nothing is easier for the config!
Contrary to Celia from above, for the grave of adpend rglages, I with a les paul sounds plutt a lot!
not need a manual! You only have to read the buttons and off you go!


-This amp is perfect for my style of music, good rock is powerful ... perfect for the course mtal adpend!
I plug even a scratch on it and selecting acoustic increased mdiums on clear channel (not switchable on pdalier provides) a tremendously good password
I use it with a Les paul std, std strato a squier, and a acoustic ... scratch effects: Boss HM2 Boss CE5 707 ZOOM 1
It is totally clean channel is what I want is to say a round in the bass and percussion in the high for the distortion channel 1 is a fine type distortion crunch, channel 2 closer to the metal
"I love the clean sound in two rglant well rverbe you get a nice sound diffrent each other for solos!


It's been a year since I use it, I bought OCCAZ (450), a State irrprochable!
most: versatile amp trs, trs powerful (100W is not a fruit!)
the least: be not too strong because arrives at 3-4 (I am not drang has not), the entourage has rpeter earful
of good quality fender as they are very familiar with so the price is not ... normal?
well on the exprience and above the money would have instead tried to buy an old Marshall head + body (that's my style zic!) but I'm looking Bafle an extension to add to the rock 1000 pro so it suits me perfectly! is the atomic bomb!