Hughes & Kettner ATS Sixty
Hughes & Kettner ATS Sixty

ATS Sixty, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the AS/ATS series.

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duck.d 10/12/2006

Hughes & Kettner ATS Sixty : duck.d's user review


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Tt is dj di ke is not an exception but a 60W 65W ... I chipotte
8 / 10 for the disto SETTING THE amber too my taste


So over the mga super simple ...
So say anything .... bah prsque 10 9


Then it's the following day or forcment not agree with the previous ones opinion
- Trs trs clear sound from jazz to funk right through a good bluesy, all playing on mdiums and treble of the amp and itches

- Its a big crunch for the blues hendrix nickel: volume of clean background and party C, even with a big scratch shit trs sensitivity of the amp it's been dead plaiz

- .............................; Then the distortion should be expected to do the same with a guitar ACDC What was not made for a best rock seventies and still not always C trs own. It looks more like a crunch too and saturated fat. A little better with a scratch but good pro ca n'atteind not extreme heights of pleasure ....

The big advantage of this amp, the output level .... If you push the master ca clean does it well and it's not worse than saturated low .... It works best for Marshmall ke Peavy or some local rpt Rouen ...... no name DSOL but there might be ki see what I am referring ...

So I put it qd ke 7 because even a good quality rappoert price: jl bought OCCAZ 100 euros and was worth the cost ca


I bought almost a year ago and I think k'il t dj not very young, so it takes a lot qd same road ....
Ke what I like most about him or her elsewhere the clean C: VERSATILITY! I saturated the Board the line6 uber metal trs ki work well on it ... Rpt and training for the ca f but for scne I think it's fair enough.
I use this with an imitation tt low-end stagg (but not sound so bad ki ke ca) and ..... matt design a lag roxanne 1000 (C very good and not expensive trs)
In conclusion I would say ke if you have a small wallet and a good distortion pedals of (uber metal about 100 euro), below ca 120 euros worth the cost ... APRS for 350 there are things even more pro qd equivalent power ...
I'm going good prince j'met ........................ 7 / 10