Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V
Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

8080 Valvestate 80V, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

kyleohare 05/08/2012

Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V : kyleohare's user review

« Not a bad Marshall. It was OK - but NOT a JCM800.  »

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Solid state, 80 watts of power (too much for a 1x12, imho). 2 Channels, one which is tube preamp'ed for gain. I don't remember if it had a cab / out jack... I might have mod'ed mine with one if I remember correctly. 1x12 Celestion speaker, white label I think.


I used this amp as a 'backup' for a few years, and while the controls never really bothered me it was super heavy and a big PITA to haul around. I don't think it had a Cabinet out jack, which ticked me off at the time.


Sounded pretty good, I don't agree with some reviewers that it sounded horrible. You would be hard pressed to find a Marshall that sounds like dog droppings.

The tube in the preamp stage made the dirty channel OK, but it was still lacking something. Maybe because they used an ECC83? instead of a 12AX7 or something.
The cleans were merely OK, and not even close to my Fender tube amps.


It was OK. As a backup. Wouldn't want it as my 'main rig' though. I could play over the drummer, and FX sounded good through the clean channel, but not GREAT. It was kind of unreliable too, but that's probably because mine was used so much, and for a great number of years before I owned it. After replacing some POTs, and getting it serviced though, it was a good backup amp.