Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V
Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

8080 Valvestate 80V, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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iamqman 07/09/2011

Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V : iamqman's user review


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Why on earth would you need 80 watts of this amp is beyond me? This amp sounds terrible. It is sort of a hybrid amp with a preamp tube ECC83 in the preamp section. This is to get people who know that tube amps sound better in the digital solid state stuff. This amp can only sound processed with a voicing of tubes. You need the power tubs to make it feel like a real tube amp. he preamp tube is simple more for voicing and preamp gain. The real part of a tube amp is the interaction between the preamp tubes and power tubes and the feeling that they create between each other.


8080: 80 Watt COMBO. Channel Selection Description

CHANNEL 1 (Normal)
1. Input Jack - Connects the guitar to the amplifier.
2. Gain Control - Controls the gain level of the normal channel on both Clean and Crunch selections. In Clean mode, sounds remain clean, even at high gain levels. When switched to Crunch mode the amount of crunch increases as you wind the gain up.
3. Clean/Crunch Rhythm Switch - Push switch to select either clean or crunch sounds on the normal channel (push in for Crunch).
4-6. Bass, Middle & Treble - Full 3 band EQ for normal channel tonal selections. These controls are effective and interactive to give you incredible versatility. Try as many combinations as possible to really get to know your EQ.
7. Channel Select Normal to boost channel selector switch. This function is also footswitchable. Set the switch to the in position for the footswitch to function. LED’s indicate which mode has been selected.

CHANNEL 2 (Boost)
8. Gain Control - Controls the gain level of the boost channel, which features ECC 83/12 AX7 valve drive. This control is effective on either overdrive selection. On OD1, it fattens the bluesy distortion and on OD2 goes from rock overdrive to full metallic thrash as you turn it up.
9. Overdrive Select (OD1 to OD2) - Manually switches from creamy “classic” OD1 to screaming “Hi Gain” OD2 distortion modes.
10-12. Bass, Middle & Treble - Effective 3 band EQ to shape the tone of all overdrive selections.
13. Contour Control - This sweeping control shifts the mid-band voicing of the boost channel to give amazing versatility to your overdrive sounds. When used in conjunction with the 3 band EQ, this control is devastating!
14. Volume Control - Controlling the overall level of the boost channel, this allows volume balancing between the two channels.

15. Effects Send Jack - For linking to the input of an external effects processor.
16. Effects Level Switch - Selects the level to match your external effects units (0dB for rack units and -20dB for pedals).
17. Effects Return Jack - For connection from the output of an external effects processor.
18. Effects Mix - Allows you to mix the effects to dry signal. Note, if no effects pocsessor in line, Effects Mix fully clockwise will result in no signal.
19. Master Reverb - Controls the level of reverb effect on all channel selections.
20. Master Volume - Controls the overall volume level of the amp or combo.
21. Line Out Jack - Filtered low level signal for linking to a recording or mixing desk.
22. Footswitch Jack - For the connection of a two way footswitch for reverb and channel selection


This amp doesn't sound very good at all. You would be better off getting the entire amp a solid state. The preamp tube does nothing for this amp. The FDD is some of the other solid state amps from Marshall make the amp feel more tube like but nothing can imitate a real tube amp.

This amp is really designed for practice. You cannot take this on sage and get a good sound from either the amp or the sound man, He may not even let you on stage with this thing. This is designed for home use and practice. So it is beyond me why you need 80 watts of it?


These amps have been fused out of production. I think the MG series has now replaced them on the market. You can certainly find them on the used market fairly cheap. I would only recommend this amp to someone just starting out with the electric guitar and needs a beginners amp. If you need a practice amp for home or office and need something that you cab plug headphones in then this is a decent amp for that.