Marshall AVT50
Marshall AVT50

AVT50, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState 2000 AVT series.

iamqman 06/22/2011

Marshall AVT50 : iamqman's user review

« Just junk »

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This amp is pretty much just junk. Marshall seems to put out these low end cheap amps and rotate the model numbers every few years or so. They have since discontinued this amp and think is replaced by the MG series amps.

If you are simply going for a practice amp that will be decent at low volumes and allow you to just get your chops and technique down then this is a great amp for that. This is in no way a gigging amp or a stage amp of any kind.


Output (RMS): 50 watts

Impedance: 4 ohms

Speaker: 1 x 12 in.

#Channels: 2

Acoustic Simulator: No

Digital FX Section: No

FX Select Switch: No

Accutronics Reverb: Yes

FX Loop: Series

FX Level Switch: No

FX Mix Controls: No

Scoop Switch: No

Bright Switch: No

Emulated Line Out: Yes

Headphone Jack: Yes

Master Volume: Yes

Presence Control: No

Speaker Outputs: 1 (int./ext.)

CD Input: Yes

Footswitch: PEDL-10001 included

Dimensions: 515 x 554 x 259mm

Weight: 18.6 kg


This amp has the classic Marshall/British distortion. You can play this amp at very low volumes and with the headphone jack be able to silently play in your home or office without interruption.

Any guitar will sound fine with the amp. I prefer a nice Gibson Les Paul with Marshall amps as they seems to fit sonically together very well. Even a good Fender Stratocaster will sound too. It just depends on the mood whether or not you want to get a fat sounding distortion tone or a sweet Jimi Hendrix Strat tone with the single coils.


These amps are not being produced anymore and so the used market is the only option at this point. I have no idea what they are going for these days in this market. I think with the hybrid technology with solid state and tubes give this amp a step above the all solid state amps, but it still doesn't get that real tube punch.

I would recommend this amp to someone who needs a good practice amp and doesn't want to spend a lot of money doing it. It has an emulated direct out so if you wanted to use this to record you can or even run a line directly to the house PA system. Not sure how that would sound but worth a shot I guess.