Marshall VS100R
Marshall VS100R

VS100R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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psychofanfan 08/10/2005

Marshall VS100R : psychofanfan's user review


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100W, hybrid, 3-channel clear, and saturated crunch effects loop, a normal amplifier which, as it should.


Very easy to use, right, of course requires some fiddling to find the desired sound good but when we get results very quickly even rjouissants.
The manual provides prrglages good enough for many styles Different.


The style of music should be rsolument rock, otherwise it will not please.
I play with a Yamaha AES 620 and the sound is good plain with two microphones (if one takes only the bridge pickup is a bit garish tropical and cold for my taste) and saturated with only the bridge pickup or both pickups.
I play ska punk and I can assure you that the clean sound is very warm and friendly, as well as the distortion is frank and severe.
Well of course it was not a JCM 900 in the hands ...


I use it for a year, I find it really useful, it sounds good from what I have read about him, he spits good (even if the sound level is too bright crunch ...) It is not too heavy, no problem for dplacer, it is robust ..
I had to do a dozen concerts, I never had a complaint against him ...