Marshall VS100R
Marshall VS100R

VS100R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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B3lz91 03/31/2004

Marshall VS100R : B3lz91's user review


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Amp-pr-amp combo with lamp
-1 HP 12 'dlivrant power 100W
-3 Channels spars: * channel "clean" with volume, bass, middle, treble and reverb (+ tone shift)
* Channel "crunch" OD1 with volume, gain and reverb (+ power dimension)
* Channel "distortion" OD2 with volume, contour, gain and reverb (+ power dimension)
There is also the FX Mix to adjust the precision of the module when using an external effect.
-Connections for footswitch, headset, HP supplmentaire and externality


The configuration could not be easier, but is indicated on the front of the amp (config Marshall what! Lol): you plug the guitar, we adjust the knobs a bit and go! The sound is excellent right now, adjusting with more precision the potentiomtres we can find the sound that we match easily. It just takes a few curiosities and not hsiter diffrent test to find that sound research.
The manual is multi-languages ​​lol, so there is no problem the above. All functions of the amp as well as buttons are explained Manir trs affordable for everyone. There are also examples of rglages to obtain correct sound bases trs just waiting then that be affine depending on the game and guitar.
Transport level, it displays more than 25kg I think ... well it's not lightweight lightweight but still playable!


So the one approaches the most INTERESTED! This amp is a marvel. The sounds are warm, round, one senses immediately the prsence of the lamp. It is often said that Marshall does not excel in the clean sounds and yet I must say that I bluff t get really great sound with my Epi, clear and warm. For crystalline sounds I think with a strat has to be a rgal.

OD1 channel offers its trs cool, ideal for grunge or punk with a gain lev dbrouille trs but which sounds much more oriented towards rock and funk in the rduisant gain and adding reverb.

Finally, the OD2 channel is the one I use most frquemment since I play mainly Neo-Metal and Hard Core, and here the lamp is all its worth. The sound is fat and warm, you feel the power in the palm-mute agreements and much heavier!

The dimension can rduire volume by increasing the lamp power, the sound is more natural. It's great when we play at home, on the quality of its privilgie plutt than pure power.

Although sr is not all lamps, but the small Submitted in the pr-amp dj plays perfectly his rle and then it's not the same price too! When not playing the amp is quiet and did everything in terms of power, it's really great! For now I have used that at home or RPET 'and I've never pushed beyond the 4 or 5 (and you hear me dj too lol) despite the presence of the drums, another guitar, vocals and bass! In concert must be ecstasy especially with a 100W speaker supplmentaire: D!


I possde this amp for a little over a month, I did not normment back but this amp has never of. I went from a 20W transistor amp this amp and it sr it is not comparable, but I also have the opportunity to play on the Fender and I stayed on my hunger ... only Marshall has fully satisfied me both in terms of its capabilities that since I also jou The models 65 and 80 W Valvestate with 100W is enough for the RPET 'and small concerts! It's really a great amp, the report qualitprix is ​​perfectly fine!
This amp is really what I was looking, an excellent compromise between amp all lights (which are expensive trs) and amplifier transistor (its TRS who keep a cold and unnatural ...). I would do without hsiter this choice, and I do not change by this amp a good time!