Marshall VS100R
Marshall VS100R

VS100R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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Echo tango 07/21/2003

Marshall VS100R : Echo tango's user review


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Mixed transistor preamp / lamps (1X ECC83)
MOS power stage FET100 W.
An instrument input
An effects loop
2 HP
1 headphone
Making a footswitch (included)
Clean channel: volume / bass / mid / treble cut filter switch + low (bass reduction)
Overdrive 1: gain / volume
Overdrive 2: gain / tone shift / volume
EQ common to both overdrive bass / mid / treble
Switch off power
Sensitivity effects loop switch
Volume effects loop
Reverb clean
Reverb overdrive


Nothing really to understand Chinese, as the majority of Marshall, by the way.
In his clear, not much to quibble. The sound is decent and étonammant clear to a Marshall.
Note that beyond the "5" the clean channel starts to crunch.
The manual is good support and possibly a good starting point to search for sounds.


Suits my style (pop rock tenancy "heavy"), especially with a humbucker equipped with scrapers.
Overdrive is a politically correct, while overdrive 2 sends you walk the + side of things metal. The shift affects tone by boosting the mids (70's rock) or cutting (metal)
If you want to thicken the sound, add an additional HP is a good plan.
The reverbs are doing very honorably.
With a scraper style Tele / Stratocaster, it is confined to clear and crunchy sounds.
Amazing versatility for the price.


It's been 4 years and I use this amp without care. The Marshall sound is not a legend: he has already taken a shovel from his cabinet further without Scilla. Do not start, however.
Too bad there's no volume général.Remarque only valid for home use only seen live, it's still open to a Marshall bottom turns ...
For the price, it is not stolen. My next amp is a Marshall tube but this time. In this category, their value for money is also one of the best on the market.