Music Man 110-RD Fifty
Music Man 110-RD Fifty
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iamqman 06/23/2011

Music Man 110-RD Fifty : iamqman's user review

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This is really one of the last quality amps put out by Ernie Ball music. This is a jam band type of amp. What I mean by that is that the amps have a tone not far from that of a classic Fender Deluxe. Also, every time I see one or hear someone playing one it is always with a Fender Stratocaster and they are playing some blues lick or riff.

This amp just by pure cosmetics doesn't scream to me to be beat up and abused. It is a sit around and jam quietly and feel good or bad depending on the mood of the setting.


Series 50 RD (Single Channel) 1982-84 110RD-50
Chassis 1650-RD
Speaker 1-10 Ceramic
O/P power 50 Watts RMS
Tubes 12AX7, 2- 6L6GC
12AX7 used as a limiter, w/Limiter control


The amp takes pedals very well as you would expect an amp like this would do. The voicing of this amp is a blues voicing that really cannot be dialed out. So therefore you are limited to what you can play out of this amp. It is really hard to get a rock or metal tone out of it. It just doesn't go that directing. It is like the turtle that moves slowly towards the finish line. Not that the tone is bad but just a desired taste for certain people.

I do like this amp with a nice Fender Stratocaster or a good feeling Fender Telecaster. It just compliments the tone of this amp very well. A good Gibson Les Paul will sound nice as well but I guess my personal taste leas towards the Strat


Well these amps have been long phased out. I think they were only produced for a couple of years. They will be hard to find at this point and they are highly sought after. I have seen them on the used market for around $500 or so. That is a good price for a high quality amp like this one.

I would recommend this to anyone who knows what it is. For those who know this item then they will definitely like it. It you are impartial to this amp and just want a decent clean tone then look into a nice fender amp. If you are lucky enough to score one of these amps then good for you.