Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keys
Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keys

Mono Evolver Keys, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

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Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keys : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
For the features I think everybody knows


This should just dive in, but the machine is very well done
Almost 1 1 function buttons.
Some sub menu but not death, not liked

The only negative point is the jump in the value of the encoder, I find it boring ... carément


Sound!! Carément huge, it sounds at once hot, bold, distorted desire as a cold, outer space and aggressive! Everything is a matter of programming

Opportunities outside the norm

Empowered low, aggressive and a heavy ...
For FX / ambience / sheet of delirium is perfect for sound design
The step sequencer is a childlike simplicity and allows creating sequence of madness

Some factory sound make me go to low sequence at Nine Inch Nails
For FX, ambience and would ply AC + side of Massive Attack (100th Window)


Is the synth that I search for years

You can do anything with (except the piano of course;) )
It sounds really hairy ... incomparable with other machine in power
I had a lot of synth (MS20, SH101, Korg Delta ...) and bein in the same register of his wins it hands down

The value for money is excellent! Even if it took my AC to save was worth really worth

I really recommend this synth (rack or keyboard for that matter)