Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard

PolyEvolver Keyboard, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

AlanForPresident 07/18/2012

Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard : AlanForPresident's user review

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This Electronic Keyboard has a ton of sound on it that I think are spectacular. It is probably one of my favorite poly keyboards. The bad thing about this keyboard is that the price makes it un buy able. There is no way that the average person on a budget can afford to pay for this piece of gear. This keyboard coast as much as all of my gear at home put together. It is a mix between an analog and digital machine and the possibilities with the Dave Smith Instruments Poly Eveovlver are endless. You can just do so much with this gear. It has a vintage look, but with more of a digital sound and feel to it. Its like an old school new piece of gear. I really wish I could use this machine all the time, the amount of time I get to use it is really slim due to the fact that I don’t own it.


The sequencer is something that I am still having problems with. I havent quit figured it out yet, plus when I use it I don’t have a manual so that could be part of the problem. I am jus winging everything and just exploring and figuring it out on my own. Which isn’t a problem, but I have heard the manual is a headache to read through and understand.


The sounds are great, I haven't heard many other machines that sound as good as this one does. So that could be part of the price problem. I guess you get what you pay for.


The look of this unit is very futuristic and retro at the same time. I am actually surprised that more people are buying these up. But again , that could be due to the price point with it. The sounds one this keyboard can be used in almost all types of music, its just great.