MGR/Kurush 05/03/2002

Korg Dw-8000 : MGR/Kurush's user review

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I got it from an online store 5 years ago. It was always my dream keyboard because of its amazing sounds. I paid 500 pounds.

It's an analog-digital hybrid; there are 16 samples instead of oscillators, but the rest (LFO, Amp, Filter, etc.) is analog. The sound is amazing and when you switch from poly mode (8 sounds) to unison mode, all 8 oscillators start when a key is pressed. Very fat, excellent for leads. Instead of a pitch wheel it has a 4-direction joystick, where left-right is a pitch bend, up is an LFO boost and down is an Amp boost.

The organ sound kinda sucks. Also, the joystick tends to fall apart. Some of the function buttons tend to fail sometimes.

Generally very-well built; As I've mentioned the joystick tends to fall apart. Sound is amazing

Generally a very good keyboard, mainly useful for synth sounds (leads, pads). I use it for progressive rock, but it can also be used for techno and stuff.
Oh, it was manufactured in 1984...

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