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Thread Tremol-no and Ibanez standard DL tremolo bridge?

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1 Tremol-no and Ibanez standard DL tremolo bridge?
Hello all, I'm curious if anyone can tell me if the tremol-no works with the standard DL tremolo bridge. I can't see why it wouldn't, but I don't see it mentioned in tremol-no's works with chart. The edge III is in the list (which is the dl's predecessor and extremely similar from what I understand) along with what looks like every other trem that Ibanez has made.
Assuming it is compatible, I mainly need to know what type to get. The edge III uses the small clamp type according to the chat. But that's also a note that says:
4. On certain Ibanez® Edge™, LoPro™, EdgePro™ and Double Edge™ systems, the #4 spring hole in the tremolo block is drilled and tapped. While the Pin-type *can* work without issue, we recommend the Small Clamp-type.

So I'm not really sure what route to take. I can hardly find any information on this bridge at all, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Also curious if anyone has experience using a d'tuna or similar quick change drop D device on this bridge