Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Bass
Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Bass

Pro-EQ Platinum Bass, Inboard bass preamp from Fishman.

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Applebite 02/28/2006

Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Bass : Applebite's user review


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Used for a year and a half.

The case does not color the sound, which can be an advantage or inconvnient as appropriate.


Excellent EQ, the trs frquences are well chosen, corrections formidable. The "depth" which is actually an outline for the determination of the precision with infra Systm injected into the amplifier and so therefore CONTRL fat of the instrument.

Compression is brief (no rglage finesse, just more or less effect) but trs effective and does not pump.

The -:

the box containing the electronic component seems hardened by contrast, face suprieure is plastic and not really inspire confidence potentiomtres. Handle with prcaution of any obviousness.

It is even qd dearly for a case of pure DI with EQ.

A good choice for those seeking a neutral DI, 100% respect the sound of their instruments. The quality of the EQ will adapt to local amplification Systm quickly. However, those looking for a DI / pramp to color their sound will go elsewhere.


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