Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 3-band
Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 3-band

Onboard Preamp 3-band, Inboard bass preamp from Glockenklang.

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Fossoyeur Jhonson 11/27/2012

Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 3-band : Fossoyeur Jhonson's user review

«  efficient, accurate, fine. »

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I use a bass with a microphone and a jb mm, MarkBass amp transistor lm250.
For technical specs (exact gain / Freqs) see below.
Otherwise it is an onboard preamp active / passive four pots:
1 volume push-pull activating the preamp, 1 micro scale, 1 double knob bass / treble, a knob for médiums.Je only regret the absence of régrale tone in passive mode stereo ... not complicated!


Super simple, no need manuel.Très easy.
In assets, all sounds are good and easy to obtain.


Nothing to say ... This is quality!
serious even thoroughly present and accurate, no sauration the treble end, mids are impcs in short, in all there will be even a while back some softness in the adjustment, we get all the time base of the which is in great delight to exploit. Liabilities are in is impeccable, nothing wrong.
This bass preamp realize truly versatile!


I have 2 years, it is still a top aluminum when I get back ... All active basses that I have listed are trucks, end preamp is really strong at the same time, price cap bas.Le is appropriate, but not necessarily when you want to give the sound you put the price ...
what I like the most are serious, their roundness and precision ... I had never seen it yet. They are present in every accoups. The treble and precise, are not screaming and Degeus here.
So ... what? could request a knob medium with adjustable filter? Or indeed the good old tone with adjustable passive, but we can not have everything.