Creamware Luna II
Creamware Luna II

Luna II, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creamware.

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Megajp 01/28/2005

Creamware Luna II : Megajp's user review


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I wanted a simple and powerful card
Between Stereo / Stereo output (Anloga and digital)
Between Mid Output
Ultra-low latency

Until the 's nickel, I'm running Cubase, Reason, Acid and even Gigastudio 3!
I have changed 3 times in conf PII, PIII and PIV surprise ... (thank you mr Intel)
In the long run I think Creamw @ re abuse by delivering a few drivers "BETA" for WinXP.
For non-computer it mean "it works to your own risk" and if you push more legislation as it means in the clear "we are not responsbla bugs" ... that is medium like atmosphere.

J 'uses only VST plug-ins so the DSP does not serve me absolutely nothing. It is only when marketing and platform to their scope (for a fee, eh?), Who wants to reinvent the synthesizer today?

That said, it works well, it Bugge not! 12/20 then that is good enough por price and reliability.


The installation goes well, I did it three times, the connection is limited, however:

6.35 Stereo Jack blah blah!
S-VHS for MIDI s'arache ca trp a little easier
taking SPDif is buggy, you have to patch it and then this card that makes the 96kHz to 48kHz with SPDIF Why this?
The manual on CDROM, that is Deguelle, I like it, I have all imprimbr /> The patch is incompreenssible routing to beginners, but when we practice the card for 5 years it makes sense (sic !)


The card is stable but the drivers are rarely updated. site is silent as the grave.
The mixer is a bit c ** ille break, not very accurate in volume and panning in trp
Plugins' compress and EQ "are provided gratos nazes, so why sell DSP if not provided with the plugins that von .... elementary, my dear you have to buy!
A 400 card we will buy a 150 plugins?? Nor is it going!
Latency is fine but when you load the mule with cubase, it quickly becomes the mess!
I'm just the stereo with this card!


I am the User for 5 years my faith, it is like an old couple, a little bitter but I now pass the good times go I don 't want to.
The thing that fills me that is that he is opening the platform before opening Cubase or Reason, it takes a chaque3 was 4 minutes, a long ca pette the c ** illes
Before I had an ISIS ... 's on it' was better ... now I'm eyeing on the MOTU MKII or an ECHO or a RME ...

No I 'not redeem a second;) ca is a good OCCAZ to 150
I am here to tell you I 'm going