Creamware PowerSampler
Creamware PowerSampler

PowerSampler, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creamware.

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Pachasurf 05/17/2003

Creamware PowerSampler : Pachasurf's user review


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The DSP make the difference with other cards.
THIS IS actually a Creamware Luna, but with a powerful software sample: powersampler.
I use it with a duron 1.3 gb, a Via chipset, 512 MB RAM, a Seagate 80 GB HDD and keyboard MC-61 to control everything.
Powersampler I use to run the VST synths and sampler creamware (really awful!), The sound comes out of another card (Terratec DMX 6 Fire) to my amp in RCA.


Admittedly, if the facility poses no particular problem, the configuration is very laborious. It took me a dozen hours to digest the manual and get a rsultat satisfactory.


No problem of stability up to Submitted.
I can run five or six VST (not too greedy) together without problem,
all with a latency ngligeable done everything (I do not remember more! so this settings is no longer part of my problem).
The software is top notch, scope notament merger with HUGE possibilities.


I use it for three months, and I feel that I am not at my surprises (good j'spre ...)
The DSP is really a great asset, my system does more than train ds that I waste a bit of VST. The quality of the converters is satisfactory trs. The price difference with the more affordable cards is amply justified.
An excellent choice for those who want to do everything on their computer.