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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

Thread SB Live! Line in no audio

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1 SB Live! Line in no audio
Hi there,
First time on the board (great place!)
I have a SB live sound card running on Win xp and for some reason I cannot get any audio to record when I am plugged into the "line in" I hear audio but cannot record it.
Also, I am quite frustrated because the only way I can record audio is from the Mic input that in NOT stero! (Huge problem)
I updated the drivers with no luck.
Is my sound card Crap or am I overlooking somthing.


Go to control panel -> sounds and audio devices. On volume bar select advance and it will open volume control. In volume control window go to option -> properties. Select adjust volume for recordig and select all downlisted volume controls. Click ok. Than you will get recoring volume control on your screen and select line in. :)
Hey thanks Manowar. (killer band by the way!)
No I can record using the line in but it still will not record in stero. Is this card just not capable of it?

thanks again

Yes good band!

No I think it is your cable. You need stereo cable and stereo sound sorce too.
Somewhere in time is a great Maiden album.

I think all line in inputs are stereo.
What recording software are you using?
I'm using cubase and cool edit pro. But more often cubase.
All my problems started when I moved into my new PC.
I am using stero cables but when I would record it failed to record in stero.
Until I started to record maped to the Microsoft sound maper.
Now all my problem are solved.

Thanks for all you help.


Somewhere in time rocks Too! but you cannot forget Number of the beast or powerslave!
Or seventh son or fear of the dark!! I' saw them live 3 years ago and they still rocks.
If you make sure your channels (both input and output) are setup correctly - that should ensure that each of your tracks record from the corerct source. The SB Live! cards are not very good for recording audio with - quite a lot of whitenoise in the background, especially at volume. You will probably be better getting the KX drivers for use with this card.


You will have to setup the drivers so that the recording feed and the monitor output are split - i dont have the URL anymore but if you perform KX customization into google groups you should find a map for the setup.

It may look a little more complicated at first but these drivers are far superior to the creative ones and they work perfectly with the SB Live! cards and whats makes these drivers great is they are full customizable allowing software pre-amps to be set and also post-amp effects too.

Hope this helps.