ESI WaveTerminal 192L
ESI WaveTerminal 192L

WaveTerminal 192L, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from ESI.

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Soulspirit 01/18/2004

ESI WaveTerminal 192L : Soulspirit's user review


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I wanted to buy a card with little to ruin me but a quality that is at least the minimum.

My config is an AthlonXP 1800 + overclocked to 2000 + on motherboard pox 8k5a2 trs Settings, 510Mo RAM, 60GB hard drive.

I use it with other squenceurs and vst.


I had trouble putting the card on a PCI slot that the bour in silent mtal twisted, I have the right remmettre with pliers if not to plug it, but when done has just returned.

No compatibility problems installing a t easy in a few minutes for us to read much, much sr I understand people who do not speak English to read the manual or the other manip 'grit and who can not properly install, it's a bad thing for manufacturers.

The manual is succinct but hey I do not expect nor what I Mponda a manual 300pages. But even when they could have done a better Ffort to explain the use of the card.


The drivers are stable, I download any drivers past dating back to October 2003 I think, looks pretty much aa Updated frequently.

Cubase SX for 11ms latency was enough for me, I'm not down below at the moment but I think there will be no prob.


I use it for a week, and I am totally satisfied. If you want to do pieces really pro, you have to put money, I use the a enough for me what I do, some remixes, composed of personal.

I love that sound, drivers are stable, for those who do not find a stable one must learn to optimize your PC.
The point in me is that you close a program in order to change the latency.

I see many who complain about stuff like "my component sounds bad because of my sound card", but I think everyone is not born knowing handle and manipulate the technology, we must learn, try, to grind and try again ... is an art!

The E-WDM driver is great, the DirectWIRE is innovative and can record directly between multiple software operating at the same time, saving time c non ngligeable.

The report quality price is not bad at all, although the daughter card Mi / O / DI / O to play vst with a keypad, a little expensive 79 euros. I aceht these two cards in my city to the same price as the lowest prisx in Paris or on the net franais.

If I had the same choice again, I referrer. I almost bought an Audiophile 2496 or 28 but the phase frankly with the sound a lot I have no regrets, sr APRS is the sound quality is a choice, but good ...