ESI WaveTerminal 192L
ESI WaveTerminal 192L

WaveTerminal 192L, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from ESI.

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Fluch 07/29/2003

ESI WaveTerminal 192L : Fluch's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Technical specifications: cf product sheet Retailer ...
Choice motivated by the power supply phamtom, and the capacitor converters, to models and store spices solos in various styles.
Used on a P4 (asus P4B533) proc 2G 512DDram PC2700, 2 hard drives (40 80), Matrox video card (config type Audiofanzine!) With the additional card MI / ODI / O.
Used with a mixing desk MG 12 / 4 Yamaha sequencer + + + 2micros a synth.


No big problem, if you pass the 1st episode of the motherboard! Yet in DFI P4: stay away (all of this brand for that matter!).
For cons, the manual is in English! and too succinct (no explanation of Rewire, that we must seek on the website etc ... in English!). Some galres understand everything before the mixer (especially beginners like me when you are on these cards) but APRS is doing a lot of testing and translation ...


Drivers that run pretty well, but some problem with a software Intervideo video, and virtual instruments that do not work in stand alone (latency inrglable correctly). on the other hand, in a nickel squenceur. Uses XP pro, under Logic5 under Siblius2 (MIDI), with a minimum latency, 5 6 instrumentals virtual + a bunch of plug-in 5 6 audio tracks: No Problemo, has drawn some on the CPU but nothing that moves!
The update is quite rgulire


Used for 10 months balance: A sound card with a great sound but not free of default:
The level-between the line can not be chang (+4 db), if you want to save an MD direct or otherwise, is through a pramp (mixing desk, amp, etc. .. .)
"I for my part some noise when I move the faders on the mixer level, but it does not affect the recordings.
- The manual is so clear that I am infichu proper use of other than ASIO drivers (that work this well told trs)
-You can use the line to the microphone at the same time (one time).
-No software included!
The aa-chang disponibilitj'espre that at least in France) and technical support: Steinberg: unreachable to softphone!
-Whatever may be said, the 6.35 jack patchbays remain fragile in the long run.
The + +:
+ Sound
+ The price
+ The connection (with the additional card MI / ODI / O)
+ The Rewire
+ The phantom power supply: with a SHURE SM98A, taken for copper: nickel is!, For against the catch: only 12v (for microphones more greedy, you need a pramp or a mixing desk .. .)

Excellent qualitprix
If c'tait again in this price range, I do it again the same choice.