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gibus studio 58 03/16/2004

Lynx Studio Technology LynxTwo C : gibus studio 58's user review


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I was looking for a map focuses mainly on the quality of the AD / DA conversion, with the capacity to make 96k/24 bit more if affinity. Moreover, a good compatibility with the world silent PC required. APRS moult oube research on various forums, both appear to stand out: APOG LynxTWO and Rosetta. APOG trs seems good, but trs CHRE also, and I board not worth the 8 outputs N / A. So I opt for LynxTWO-C, 6-channel A / D, 2-channel D / A, 1 I / O AES or SPDIF. This configuration is more modular, because you can add cards LynxTWO subsequently to increase the number of I / O
The use is "home studio" in gear "noise" (drums, guitar, harmonica, bass, piano, sax).
Config: ASUS P4P800, Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP. Softs utiliss: Cubase SX 2, Wavelab.
Instruments: acoustic electric guitar, bass Paul Claudot of 1841, Harmonica, Drums, Piano Pleyel law of 1970. Pramplis: Aphex 207, Presonus MP20, Dbx 386, Joemeek VC6Q. Pickups: BLUE Baby Bottle, AKG C4000B, Cad E100, AudioTechnica AT4041, Shure and Sennheiser snare drum bass drum. Connectivity: symtrique.


Installation: a real rgal! Card on a PCI slot, DB25 to the ground I / O symtrique the preamp, re-boot the PC, setup of drivers from the CD-ROM included (not even need to download a version days), ASIO setup, startup of Cubase SX, VST Connections setup: and it works!
In short, the configuration is very simple, and manual (in English) is clear.
Soft management console and converstisseurs (routing, etc ....) dithering simple and intuitive to use trs.


No problems with the stability of drivers, even if I fail to step back and be assertive on this point. a tower on the site "customer support" Lynx Studio shows a reasonable activity update.
Utiliss Software: Cubase SX, Wavelab 4, LM4 II
Latency: less than 10ms, 1.5ms can get I think ...
Simultaneous recording tracks: 8 with a map for more tracks must acqurir another card.
Tracks simultaneous play: my plans are not more than 12 tracks ...


I use it only for a week ... What I like most?? the quality of sound!! prcis serious, not runny, medium balance, high Defines the spectrum, clear, but not aggressive (eg ride on battery).
The app of CONTRL / config (console manager) of the card is more than full trs and analysis of levels seems prcise trs. Particular feature I like least?? not having a dealer in France! That said, given the prices of our (too) Chres importers, it is good to finally have to buy in germany!
Report quality price: This category in converters, it seems correct.
Repeat this choice?? for now yes, without hsiter. It is likely, depending on the evolution of my needs (and my finances !!!!) as a j'achte deuxime LynxTWO-C.