M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Delta 1010LT, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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MotsCousus 12/01/2007

M-Audio Delta 1010LT : MotsCousus's user review


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I chose this model for the number of inputs / outputs very similar to my TerraTec EWS88MT grid that after 5 years of good and loyal service. the XLR mic (although I expect no miracles of a preamp to troubleshoot more biensur c)

I am also against the use of USB or firewire on desktop. why the hell add elements that also can be problematic (icompatiblits chips usb / firewire connector ...) so I turned to the ICP.

the point that I like very much that the asio drivers are syndicated.

I use it on a Dual core 2.4 with 2GB ram running XP sp2.


How often I use the cd that came with not a gear and I'll live on the site builder to make the latest drivers. and no concern for installation. no conflicts (I was nervous with my motherboard ASUS P5K very recent).

with respect to man, I can not say I have not opened. y'en one anyway? but he did not fail at all. panel config is pretty straightforward (especially since this is in routing a clone of my old EWS88MT).


Drivers super stable. very low latency 3ms no worries, I get a 10ms when I really want to be alone.

the control panel of the card works fine, for against the ergonomics of this one is very weak. we are far from the control panel ews88MT or m-audio usb. nothing serious, however, put a hand setting levels of that is done on a fader for rididule 20pixels! AIM might have a page entirely dedicated to control the input level.


I have this card for 6 months and I am really very happy.

no worries. I almost forget it's simple it is!

I think the number of input-output ratio / price is unbeatable! and without that e the quality suffer. biensur can not compare to those of a converter RME, but the price also is without comparison.

after a year with, if it burns out, or if my computer caught fire, or a comet falling on my homestudio, I think I would do the same choice