RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9652
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9652

Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9652, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from RME Audio.

Poet 07/02/2005

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9652 : Poet's user review


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I wanted a card with a maximum I / O in ADAT to work with Cubase and a 01V96. My choice is of course to this map (3 I / O ADAT -> 3 * 8 = 24 I / O).
It may be noted that some connectors are not visible in the photo (2E / S + 1E Midi / SPDIF S).

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>The Torah wants so I can record the groups I work with live, one instrument per track: Battery (8) for 2 bass drums, guitars (2), low (1), key str o (2) singer (1) singer (1) -> Either a minimum total of 15 tracks.</span>


I plug a card (30 seconds).
2 I Get You Started the PC (30 s).
3 With XP, I put the CD and it installs (10 s).
4 I re-boot (re 30s).

EVERYTHING WORKS! It's so rare in the computer I still screaming on my roof every day. It took less than 2 minutes. Vive RME.

Two versions of the manual are available (one paper in the box and one on the CD)


Drivers trs trs stable.
Everything works directly in Cubase, everything is recognized.
Latency must be 6 ms, I have not tried to go below.

Recording / Playback, then the killing is one!
Much test everything thoroughly.

1 Record 24 tracks for ADAT (44.1 16bit) simultaneously from the 01V96 -> Less than 10% of the pros use and less than 50% of disk resources. Excellent!.

2 Reading 10 tracks (Stereo mix output on SPDIF) and recording 12 tracks by the ADAT, always same format -> No problem!

I have not had to try more. Small note, my pros does Giga 1.4.


I use it for 2 weeks.
Bought at 499 Audioconcept.
Report qualitprix unbeatable!

Supplied with two ADAT connectors.

I think 3 cards can coexist -> 3 * 26 E / S = 78 I / O It is believed RVer ...

RME thank you.