Steinberg VSL 2020
Steinberg VSL 2020

VSL 2020, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Steinberg.

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Charly303 05/16/2003

Steinberg VSL 2020 : Charly303's user review


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This card is a bomb!

I needed a versatile card and I'm ready!


Latency approaches the 0!! : =)

It helps me normment for audio and midi.

on the other hand, it is better prvoir a DI box for a guitar or a microphone prampli (c my case),
because sometimes a "grsille" when cost. The mixer (Behringer MX2642) did not aid too (should not touch the gain).

I recommend this card to those who want a job "professional @ home".

V-Stack is Intgr the cabinet, which allows you to use a 2nd VSL card on another computer.
The intrt? Minimize costs and increase the number of tracks
The card has
- 32 channel ADAT
- V-Stack software allows you to use 16 VST instruments, 8 send effects, 5 insert effects and 4 "master bus effects"
- ASIO 2.0 Support
- Between a cinch
- 1 x Cinch
- 2 MIDI ports (IN or OUT depending on configuration)


Price 2 minutes I install the card (ok I am a computer). But anyone can do it in 5-10 minutes.
Just dye the PC and turn it back on and it is recognized under Windows XP.

For Windows 2000, install the drivers manually.

Cubase SX, the configuration is comfortable. Simply select the card VSL20-20 and the turn is played.

2-3 reboots are Necessary for it to work properly with its drivers.
The kit "clatquot, is well made. ... But hey it might be a rack patchbay AIM but it's enough considering the price


Then the attention.

I do not want to criticize mchamment Windows XP. But this environment is not for pro work.
After a few days of use and some VST plugins install Cubase, Cubase simply plant miserably.
The problem? Ntdll.dll error -----> is not even worth trying to install the file because the Systm needed. Rsultat? Repeat the opration reinstalled and then move to Windows 2000.

This is not ngatif about the card because it does trs well recognized. But this concerns the Systm using the card and .... a person Forewarned is forearmed!

Then go on Windows 2000

The driver is stable trs. Nanmoins it is better rcuprer the latest version of the driver of the card on the site of Steinberg (

The trs trs trs altence is low (I do not have the exact figures of the config).

Right now I record 8 tracks and 12 MIDI tracks AUDIO.


I use this card for 2 weeks since I installed Windows 2000 Frache NO problem
I had a card ISIS silent frankly pathetic for my needs (even located the era everyone said that c'tait cool).

What I like is that I have that my instruments connect my mixer and save them as Cubase SX.

I did not have bote man as the one sold m'tait trs INTERESTED prices and because the store was using for its customers DMOS (they take time for orders from Steinberg).

Exprience with this choice I would do without hsiter!
It's a gem this card!