Yamaha DS2416 (DSP Factory)
Yamaha DS2416 (DSP Factory)

DS2416 (DSP Factory), Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Yamaha.

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BootLegStudio 11/08/2005

Yamaha DS2416 (DSP Factory) : BootLegStudio's user review


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Only, it has a stereo input / output analog (RCA), as well as input / output SPDIF.
The DSP card used to route the 24 tracks seem as good, and to have an EQ, a compressor or gate, and a delay (dcalage) per track.
She is also team of two multi-effects ... In short, as is so often said 'a O2R in a computer'.
A two complter faade AX44 bnficier for connections in faade (Jack) a transfer to AT AX16 standard ADAT, and SW1000XG, sound card and MIDI sound module.
The acquisition is done in 32bit format but fall dsutude INTERESTED.
Most of the sampled 24-bit software must.
For more information see: http://bootlegstudio.free.fr/studio/manuals/DS2416F.pdf


The installation was without problem on Windows XP Home, with drivers for Windows 2000, even if Yamaha has not updated its drivers since 2002 (I think).
About possibly using a Linux, not only Yamaha has not released a driver (not blame) but simply does not wish to make the computer SPECIFICATIONS card available to dveloppeurs ... (HIGHLY CHARGED)
It also works on Mac, but I do not know more.


No problem of stability dplorer.
It is very well supported by the grace Sonar 2 Audio X console, but Cakewalk Sonar 3 and adcid on the following to ignore it ... Too bad.
The mix, and paramtrage effects are in real time. To review the Direct X plug-ins that take resources and have a latency unbearable.


I have this card since its release, but this is only a few months as I use it to its full potential (without AX16 AT), I use the inserts on my mixer to send the DS2416 and return to my console.
Latency and load on the proc = 0 = Happiness
I was doing before turning on a PII 233Mhz. No worries.

Only concern is that I will not repeat the same purchase: drivers of little or no set day and the impossibility to run under Linux.