Yamaha WaveForce 192XG
Yamaha WaveForce 192XG

WaveForce 192XG, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Yamaha.

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Yamaha WaveForce 192XG : Anonymous 's user review


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Oulah! I just read the opinion Previous and I think it is a little too flattering ...
CHARACTERISTICS For audio, it's compltement Exceeds today (16bits, 48kHz max), the input / output in 3.5 bof. As against the converters are of good quality and there is little trs background noise (eg compares a SB).


RAS setup with 95/98 pound yamaha.
Recognized directly by the party but not 2000/XP XG! So note 5 / 10


Cot computer attention! No native ASIO driver book by Yamaha. The use of asio4all is possible but with a latency> 10ms, below ca cracks in all directions.
Another, the XG gnrateur does not work on 2000/XP and it will need a 95/98 (yuk yuk!) To make it work. Yamaha does the dishes most days.
Under 2000/XP, you will have the right driver that MME, WDM and DirectX. It severely limits the interest.


I have used for several years (with the era of Windows 98) and it is true that the era was not bad. But that never does a pro card. The pro c'tait the SW1000XG
I gnrateur XG-board is the equivalent of a MU10.

Today with config modern map is a strict no Intrets. It is the chipset embedded on the motherboards.