Epiphone EJ-200
Epiphone EJ-200

EJ-200, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the EJ series.

Twx 04/27/2008

Epiphone EJ-200 : Twx's user review


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Although RULES purchase.

-1 For lack of micro, now I miss


The neck is VERY enjoyable I find! I play on seagull (Godin), Cort etc, there's no picture I find it really enjoyable to play super ...

Access in acute acoustic dj c ... well is not always top, but more and MODEL Jumbo, is not too esprer, especially if you have small hands (which n ' is not my case by the way). But it is quite playable up to the 14th box (or one meets the case) and drilling a few can be mounted 16-17th in case the strings sharp ... But no more eh! Note that there is now a version of "cutting" the EJ-200CE, so that Submitted a "hole" in the body (the thing's on a lot of guitar, look at that site;) ).

The interface is nice. This is a Jumbo again, so we must try. Because a small frame, a bin could pose problem. The guitar is lgre otherwise, the weight is not a inconvnient. We could forget that one has in hand.
It is quite easy to get a good sound, especially if you change the strings (one for the elixir Xtra light)


Suitable for all types of music (playing acoustic of course)
I really like his sound! I think it's great, especially for a guitar of this price. Mine cost me 374 if I remember correctly, and the sound is a lot of guitars suprieur much Chres.
Even when I have to note that if the highs are crystal trs etc, sometimes the bass is a bit soft I think ... Again, nothing better than trying to love;)


I play over the past one year. What I like most is its sound, its handling and design (mine is version "pearl" white yellow kind, c is beautiful trs ) What I like least? Nothing ... apart from the absence lectronisation, even when it cost to add a microphone.
I tried quite a MODEL, but this is the dmarquait really my opinion. Especially considering the price. The trs qualitprix really good. Difficult to be better that price.
Exprience with no doubt that I would choose.