Epiphone EJ-200
Epiphone EJ-200

EJ-200, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the EJ series.

MGR/Don 07/03/2002

Epiphone EJ-200 : MGR/Don's user review

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I purchased this guitar from a reliable retail web site. My EJ-200 is in the high gloss "Natural" blonde finish. The purchase price was discounted to $377.00, and I have just had it about two months. I purchased this guitar for it's excellant looks, workmanship, fit and finish. I also had a well known, after market under saddle pick up system installed.

This is a beautifully made guitar. The workmanship is excellant. The quality has to be seen to be appreciated. The factory set up was very good. But for my playing taste, I lowered the neck string-action a bit. It plays great when rhythum chording for country music, folk or rock.

My EJ-200 is a "Jumbo" size guitar. It has a maple laminated spruce top, and laminated maple sides, and back. It does not have the deep booming sound that a solid spruce top would give it. I knew this when I bought the guitar, but my purpose was to use mainly through an amp. Unplugged, this guitar has a very tenor sound, with short sustain. My only dislike for my EJ-200, is the lack of a solid spruce top at least. Epiphone would do well to to consider that.

As I said, this is a quality, solidly built guitar, with no short cuts. The fit, finish and appearance is excellant. It is a strudy, quality instrument.

I bought this guitar, knowing the slight short comings, of its unplugged sound. But I mainly use it for my intended purpose of playing with a band, and amplified. Witout the sound improvement of a solid spruce top, in it's own right, it is still a worthy purchase for anyone.

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