Lâg 4S300J
Lâg 4S300J

4S300J, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Lâg in the 4 Seasons Autumn series.

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le reverend 01/30/2004

Lâg 4S300J : le reverend's user review


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EA Guitar with cutaway (model 2004).
- Cedar (solid),
- Rosewood sides and back (maybe not massive, there)
- Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge (bridge saddle offset)
- Mechanical oil bath
- Supplied mounted Elixir strings
- Adjusting rod

Pretty simple decor, glossy finish (I would have preferred the satin slip on sleeve)
The bottom of the sister mini-jumbo Automnia is in four parts, which is not great, but I do not have a good look at it on this one.
The junction back / sides is very nice made (and very subtly tinted regular) quite successful.


Well-cut round but with a high-gloss finish, which is never ideal for skiing. Access to acute is easy enough, no major problems with the grip.
Despite a large size (it's a real Jumbo) is quite comfortable on it. But who still buys Dreadnought, finally!!

The action set correctly makes the game easy, even on the top of the handle. No fear frisouille particular.

Not Rated maximum because of the gloss.


Good for rhythm guitar and the picking, it ensures its role very well. The sounds are soft, with plenty of roundness in the bass and midrange enjoyable.

I regretted a little lacking in the treble, but perhaps it was due to the Elixir strings that are known to eat certain frequencies, the cedar (my benchmark is a guitar with spruce top) , or the fact that the guitar is still young.
Anyway, this is not a flaw exists, the sounds are nevertheless very pleasant and balanced. Expect very soft sounds, that's all.

I have not tried the guitar plugged. The preamp seemed to be full anyway.


I tried this guitar in the store for at least 30 minutes, which is low. For this reason, my comments are to be confirmed by a more regular user of the guitar.

Despite the brevity of the test, I think it's a good guitar in the absolute, which is perfect for playing various things. Well built, well-ordered, assembled in France (the woods are imported, of course) it is quite attractive.

If you look at the price / quality ratio (just over 700 euros in Paris), it really is not stolen.
He must remember to buy him a case to protect it and then it will be good at all.
I liked this guitar enough that I wanted to test his sister, the Lag Hibernia jumbo characteristics almost identical but different woods (and a little more expensive).
It should be noted. I also tested the sister mini-jumbo Automnia. The qualities and defects of the latter are generally the same as for the Jumbo, with a lower sound power and sound reproduction shift more towards the high mids.