Lâg 4S300J
Lâg 4S300J

4S300J, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Lâg in the 4 Seasons Autumn series.

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Bacbacou 03/19/2003

Lâg 4S300J : Bacbacou's user review


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Subcontracts in Spain, my guitar is the version accajou, trs well finished, it comes with a rigid flight home. it is a team PREAM Fishman prefix-plus.


The handle is trs enjoyable, easy to make the bars, the cutaway gives easy to ACCS acute, and the guitar is easily to hand. To get a good sound, this guitar requires a soft touch rev. The more you play light, is better harlmoniques dgagent, and there are many!
Branch, the preamp possdent rglages many that find their sound and avoid feedback. on the other hand, there is a condenser microphone placed in front of her to leave a beautiful lens and trs rich in harmonics!


This is the rhythm guitar of choice, its a full trs, trs trs hot and sweet, also a little too to make the solo, it lacks teeth ... Anyway, this price it is hard to have it all.


I play for two years on, I bought it used, and I have no regrets, for cons, it is worth the price new, I think we can find to make the most versatile both the rhythm and solo home notament martin and others. Trs trs is a good rhythm guitar for the game in line.