Behringer UltraTone KX1200
Behringer UltraTone KX1200

UltraTone KX1200, Keyboard Amplifier from Behringer in the UltraTone series.

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Kyprio 11/03/2004

Behringer UltraTone KX1200 : Kyprio's user review


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120W keyboard amp, between:
1 XLR microphone in, 1 Line-out keyboard (mono, nanmoins Line1 not be used when there is a branch of XLR mic in), Line 2 Keyboard, compatible with Low Line 3 pramplifie ( So low electric), Line 4 pramplifie also compatible with Guitar (can not put the guitar on Line 3 and vis-versa). All Lines are Jack.
Harbours effect box / multi-purpose / ... Jack in mono.
RCA (Left Right).
DI output (to put it on a table) to XLR
Headphone output on the facade (it cuts so the sound of the amp) as Jack STREO.
SETTING THE each channel (Channel 1 = Mic / Line 1, Line 2 = Ch2 etc.) a volume knob for each channel and a wheel to rgler the importance of the effect (if a multi-effect branch.
As dj said rglage Globle Bass, Low mid, high mid, high and master.
It Peiser 24kg and 70cm high extent.


Simple rule, for cons for connections, the instructions may optionally be used to find out what is certain port.
Even if it is not said, you can connect a microphone on the Lines (AC can be used for bands). In the instructions, it says it must go through a prampli before connecting a guitar or bass, but it is gnralement DJ Equipment from a (electro-acoustic and electric ).
Low rglage of the medium and high medium is essential to quickly keyboards, damage against it have not a rglage frequency drives (Bass, Mid, High) indpendant for each channel.
The manual is not in great Chosen as much for the fact that everything is Submitted to the faces, as for the fact that it is not clear.


I use it since September 2004, the problem is to transport, so he makes his weight to put it in the trunk is not so simple seul.D 'o the position and shape of ingnieuse grips (hat!).

Ds that the sound is mounted 1 / 4 in the master dj we hear some grsillement.
Its power is impressive, increasing the bass it turns into bass amps perfectly!
I am not speaking of the price compared to the KC-150 (440). Really it is a good choice trs.
I emphasize that it can also serve as a guitar amp, bass, vocals, keyboard and many sr.

I use a microphone and DGX 300 (keyboard) Me is dj essay electro-acoustic guitars, the sound is clear, nuanced What finally perfect, I'm going over an ending for addition pdalier Zoom 504 II acoustic with an electro-acoustic.