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luluducas 11/20/2005

Casio WK-3000 : luluducas's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Arranger keyboard - 76 keys - 6 octaves.
Keyboard quip a pitch bend wheel + A button "modulation".
Connection: Midi In - Midi Out - Jack to sustain pedals - Headphone Jack faade.
516 tones (300 tones + 200 sonnorits advances prrgles + 16 sonortis battery).
Add that 50 organ sounds with adjustable Drawbar rglage.
All these sounds are ditables thanks to the way synthtiseur included.
140 + 16 beats prrgls custom rhythms.
This keyboard possde an effect section: Reverb - Chorus - DSP (4 parts for the latest DSP Level, DSP Pan, DSP Reverb Sound, Sound Chorus DSP).
The squenceur: 6 tracks. Recording in real time or chelon.
Dtail recording tracks: Track 1 - Auto Accompaniment (rhythm, bass, chord 1/2/3, run the keyboard) track 2,3,4,5,6 (xcution the keyboard) . The mixer is rglage indpendant for each track.
The unit is equipped with a memory card reader (smart MDIA), which greatly facilitates the storage of midi files (it's really a plus!).


In any case, you will understand the phylosophy of the interface, having said that the record is clear and allows APRS queques exercises to better understand it.
The manual is well done, complete, trs enough.
It deals with the common type on keyboards WK 3000, WK 3200, WK 3500, and each spcifits.


- I use it for 2 months, I am far from having made the rounds of all the features and capabilities (if possible ...) because it is a bit of a gas plant for a small user like me.
What I like most: its price, its potential, its dlivr by this unit (I find the HP SERIES trs good, powerful bass), DSP effects, its size and supplmentaires made his octaves, its look.
- Before acqurir the "bte" I possdais a CASIO CTK 731, relying on knowledge of an interface "known", I said I m'tais bnficierai more functions without having to relearn all his phylosophy. There are some similarities but there's a lot of diffrence when same.
- The report qualitprix is ​​excellent, again in the music I did not commit the lgre, so I opt for that which I had read the MODEL Previous review this site.
- If c'tait again I would do the same choice, including the report qualitprix but there are other models attractive (WK 3200, WK 3500, the latter is essentially the reader disk makes all the diffrence in price!) because overall CHARACTERISTICS are identical.
- This device is relatively lightweight for its size, and therefore aisment transportable.
- It can be powered by batteries and also using a transformer adapter (optional gnral when buying).
- The battery power can be used in places dmunis power supply (even more!)

In conclusion: you can hear here and that Casio manufactures toys and should be content with that. A parent, owner of a Technics KN 2000 keyboard (another band, another manufacturing PERIOD) is happy to use both my 731 CTK that the new entrant the WK 3000. So you see that despite the prjugs of some, others find trs, trs well!
A word hello!