Farfisa TK 84
Farfisa TK 84

TK 84, Keyboard Arranger from Farfisa.

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Tyokkann 04/02/2005

Farfisa TK 84 : Tyokkann's user review


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Keyboard arranger workstation splitable 5 octaves - 61 keys with the same dynamic as a dynamic piano

- 200 sound: 128 GM sounds + 72 professional quality sounds typques analog instruments and synthtiseurs
- Three sections polyphonic poly 1, poly 2 and lower, which allow you to play two sounds at the same time poly1 Poly2 + and 3 sounds at the same time when adding the Lower.
- So poly1 + Poly2 mode = 200 x 200 = 40,000 possible combinations and with the lower and more = 40 000 x 200 = 8,000,000 possible combinations

- 64-voice polyphony
- Multi-timbral 16 votes

- 104 DIFFERENT styles with multiple modes (intro, ending, fill in, wagon variation, broad, piano bar, manual drum, key start)
- 3 levels of support
- Mtronome five levels of use (4 / 4, 3 / 4, 2 / 4, 6 / 8, 12 / 8)
- 4 effect: 8 types rverb
8 types of chorus
Two types of Spatializer
An adjustable portamento of 1127
- Control pitch bend and modulation acting in real time on the sound

- DMO playable
- SETTING THE instrumentals volume for all accompaniments
- Rglage the split point
- Bend Rglage level of 0 12
- Tuning -100 100
- Rglage level modulation 0127
- Transpose -12 / +12
- Rglage tempo 25 250

- Floppy Disk Drive 3.5 "bed and writing on disk and 720 Kb 1.44 Mb
- Play all songs Gnral Midi possible
- Internal Squenceur 4 tracks: 1 master and 3 poly track to create your own songs and save them to disk in Midi format
- 40 programs with load and save on disk
- Function "Melody Off" to remove the Młoda and "Meddley" and "Juke Box" to play squence all pieces of the disk

- LCD multifunctional
- 2 Stereo Amplifier HP bass RFLEX
- Headphone Jack
- Auxiliary Out
- Taking control pedals for multi-function


A configuration very simple and intuitive trs.
An edition of the sounds or effects trs professional and frankly brushes.
Manual trs trs clear and simple explanation with dtail + images.


Able to load a song while it plays another from the diskette.
The transitiion between two pieces is very simple and fast, which quickly embarrassment of waiting time.
Change disk during the INTERPRETATION of a title is possible.
Arranger keyboards high quality manufacturing and excellent sound quality (of the reputable Farfisa, made in Italy, no longer do).
Really high-end hardware in the home studio CATEGORY keyboards.
I possd for 6 months and frankly it is the best arranger I've had so far.
A function equivalents 100 times what I prfre TK-84 Yamaha or a Roland.
Ds it has been in hand it feels really hard for the power of the machine.
The sound is powerful and the sound quality is REALLY worthy of the most professional keyboard.
A report qualitprix unbeatable I think.
If you have the opportunity to try it one day you will understand.
What struck me the most is the bleuffer possible combinations E-NOR-MY!
It is a rel footing of being in control of such a machine.
And yet it is not the most high-end home Farfisa, then not ask the others above!
Unfortunately for me I Sparer because I needed a little tune, otherwise I will have more ............. sr and certain.
If you try this choice I have one thing to say: go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!