Farfisa TK 84
Farfisa TK 84

TK 84, Keyboard Arranger from Farfisa.

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Libox001 02/18/2003

Farfisa TK 84 : Libox001's user review


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-128 GENERAL MIDI sound professional quality, the TK 84 is still available 72 sounds typical of analog instruments and synthtiseurs total of 200 sounds, not used poly 2. when using poly 2 can fomer 400 sounds used in all musical genres, both traditional and modern. NB: With the lower 2 + polys I think 600 sounds.
- Has effects Rverbration and programmable chorus. Three sections polyphonic (poly 1, poly 2, lower) allow the use of three sound diffrent at the same time. Orders for Pitch Bend and Modulation act in real time on the sound.
-Of a fawn quick and easy, the TK 84 plays all moceaux General MIDI which can be download on the internet or available on the traditional market. The internal Squenceur can also create your own songs and the BACKUP on disk in MIDI format, Fawn can use them also on other keyboards, computers, etc..
Melody off functions (elimination of Młoda), Medley and Juke Box (to play all moceaux squence of the disk) make use trs convivial.
Partculier point: it is able to load a song while it is in the process of playing one another. The transitiion between two pieces is very simple and fast, which quickly embarrassment of waiting time.
Change disk during the INTERPRETATION of a title is possible.


- The configuration is very simple
- The edition of the sounds or effects work is easy and trs.
- The manual is clear, explain in detail with pictures to show.


- I use it for 2 months
- The keyboard is 61 keys full dej good dynamic like the piano. His 64-note polyphony and multi-timbral opportunity.
- Yes two MODELS
- There are MRIT price by its quality. It's great investment.