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Korg i-3
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bastianmacjane bastianmacjane
Publié le 01/22/07 à 14:02
Number of styles: 48
"""""" Arrangements (like "habillquot;): 64
Edit personal styles: 4 total on the RAM
NOMRA sound: 4 banks of 64 sounds (GM 2 1 1 I3 I3 ram / programmable) + 8 Drum Kits. (2 ram)
Mode song = 16 classic tracks like twelve o'clock workstation
"" "" Backing squence = Squenceur Hybrid mode and song arranger mode.
Prog mode: play a sound on the entire keyboard (user simplified edition)
Prog Edit Mode: Edit complex sounds.
I put 8 / 10 for 2 squenceurs trs nice but a good method of -2 for the edition of styles that is impracticable


The config is simple and sometimes interrssants cool.Des arrangements for Drums and brass on Latin styles, sometimes for Drum & Bass on "modern" style. The musical intros and outros are extremely good cry, fantastic ; As against changes over which you will enter your agreements trs sometimes fly low, it is the same for breaks.Bref I spend my time making the tri.Ce is needed is sampler or sqencer via an external squenceur interressants passages and not always with the internal sounds as ... drum sounds are rotten, low medium (from the bass), brass fantastic, good orcas, harp tomber.Les percussion is going well, ho hum pianos bof.Les effects applied to the pure sound in "program / I play on the" do work extra ordinaire.Je register myself most often in direct this is mode.Je 6 for the extreme quality of certain sounds (same technology as the 01W/Je found, however, that certain sounds sound better still in the DEFINITIONS 01W). I put to -4 dsquilibre in the quality of wholes The elements provided.


I have been using 12 ans.J 'm satisfait.Je thanks his squenceur 16 tracks (nearly identical that of a 01w) and the sound in much of trs good against facture.Par I dtest touch ultra noisy keyboard on the return of note: plop plop Ploc ploc.L 'screen is dark trp, it knits sourcils.Les buttons fragile and noisy.
With experience we learn to know and appreciate a machine or dtest: In my case I love my I3, It's a little while, does rather well and be very s'avre s friendly with the environment MIDI.Je couraging trs squence good and I find it (despite its noise to the touch) trs Fidler clavieristique my game.