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Korg i-3
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superseven superseven
Publié le 05/04/05 à 04:48
This is a very good arranger, although a little older. I bought a head shot in 1995, and since it is still in my possession.
For they are easily CHARACTERISTICS rcuprables so I do not here the Retailer. All fawns is the classic lpoque.


The use is fairly simple. The I3 provided for the silent era practice of a large screen for the various ditions. A edition of props, it is possible both in terms of the arrangement sounds se and the whole is mmorisable via floppy disk or ROM.

Sounds as they are certainly a little dpasss, but are less "chih" than those of Yamaha in the same era ... I do not like fawns all Yamaha! More BAR srieusement part is a bit too cold and is synthetic. All of the sounds is also on the same register. However, it is still possible today to have good reports provided to derrire effects. Even today I get to the sounds of saxes convincing enough, but it's good when even an old machine generations.


For the silent era on I3 a bte account. with the card reader and the rear disk drive (HDD) on the front and she gave a lot of possibilities. I will say that even today it can give pleasure to be a beginners, who is left with what I dare call a luxury machine (given its many possibilities), or someone one who wants a condensed synthworkstation for a reasonable price second hand.