Roland E-300
Roland E-300

E-300, Keyboard Arranger from Roland.

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Roland E-300 : Anonymous 's user review


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5 octaves keyboard synth
Is a disk drive that reads at MIDI it is convenient to pretend play and make cool stuff with squenceur!
It can cost what we play and we can do MIDI but I understand anything about the south ...
many sounds ditables with a multitude of effects (and even shuffled effect of a treat
squenceur 16 tracks (noon) with two tracks for drums percussion


It's not too bad and it was damn forcment not need to read the entire manual to play simple stuff!
you can edit the sounds easily although sometimes only the 100% level provides a rel effect.
No problem for the manual, plain and simple!
niveu sensitivity of several keys, practice when you do things rather piano!


I use it for 5 or 6 years and is nikel
it is quite powerful, I was jou GST ur with my brother (drummer), it works when it is quiet and not very jou!
I just had a shit with the testicle dmarage button a few times!
before I played on a 14 E, you see has made me change, welcome to the big leagues!
can be an expensive can qd F 7500 I bought it but hey I have a lot amortized ...
If I had to buy it back, I will not repeat them, my choice would be a synthesis of the range States, latest issue.