Roland E-66
Roland E-66

E-66, Keyboard Arranger from Roland.

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bubblebe 06/04/2006

Roland E-66 : bubblebe's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Characteristics have already been given, however, can be added:

twelve o'clock the connection complete
possibility to split the keyboard (which is always useful to support)
a bank's touching a little bit of everything (GM).

The least
- The affected purely synthetic plastic. (But hey, we do not buy this type of instrument for his hit)
- The inability to edit sounds ...
- The sequencer track .... hahaha


Configuration so easy and very intuitive (I opened the manual once: when I wanted to connect it to an expander).
Regarding the change in sound, it's very simple but it is not an option to edit or add effects. At most it was a touch on / off: Reverb and chorus.
The sequencer is pretty good since it saves a laugh track .... In fact, after reading this, it is impossible to play another sound exposure than the one selected by the sequencer .... Clearly, the "sequencer" is useless!
For sounds, it's pure GM. The quality is far from spectacular but good for a first synth, it passes.


I have eight years (I was 15). It was my first "synth" and I still made a lot of services to accompany music in choirs. The inability to modify sounds and a sequencer that he has a name, I quickly made aware that the time for making music, you had forgotten.
Today it is in its cover for the purchase of a real master keyboard. Sure, at its output, this synth was too expensive for what it was. Even now, I could see some opportunity to sell it in 400 euros ... to avoid! However, to start and play only the accompaniment, it can make many services provided to settle for 5 octaves ... I do not exceed 200 euros for resale ...