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Ludojazz 03/17/2005

Roland G-1000 : Ludojazz's user review


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Well just to add from the previous review, the hit is not only excellent (heavyweight) but also the notes are black non-slip, for some may find it useless, but if like me you have a stage and ke you sweat a lot, believe me c really well, the game is still regulated. Technically true if c ke c keyboard scene quite heavy but with a good flight, I carry the whole weekend to play and I always goes home, the weight is not an obstacle for me anyway .


You can not say ke configuration is simple or complicated it is Roland's all. The sounds are excellent, given what comes out now, we are one of Kelker obsolete, it must be recognized. Kan But we know we can always tweak to do what kon wants.
Notament effects are quite nice I think, just missing a slicer not often used, but I met the bp.
Editing sounds is to learn, like everyone but the manual is quite easy and efficient.


It's going to see a two-year ke I use this little keyboard and with everything that comes out today in new sounds, like the one I ke to keep it and just add anything expanders ke to keep the Caracas itself, touch and other unusual sounds in the same kan kon is easy to layer with an expander, it damn well complete.
With experience, if I had the choice again, I would. One thing is certain is ke I care!