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jelka 01/19/2005

Roland G-1000 : jelka's user review


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6 octaves, 76 keys, arranger workstation performance. Touch is enjoyable because the keys are semi-heavy: the pianists will find their account because of the size of the machine.
For the connection: it is full afternoon with two locations: A Midi (in, out, through) MIDI B (IN, OUT, THROUGH), 4 slots for effects pedals, making a SCSI, an outlet for the metronome , 4 Stereo outputs and a headphone to the front of the keyboard.


The config is pretty complicated (like almost all Roland), by tapping a few understand how it happens: the keyboard is better now for having the doc and in French or you will spend sleepless nights for little result. The edition of sounds and effects is quite simple, you can even use software to set sounds and performance styles (UPMEM2000 - software for hard to find the author of this one stop to promote it) another program in downloadable roland can arrange these midi files, styles ... from a PC, however you need a zip drive on your PC. The manual is quite clear if one follows the step no. I like the floppy drive when I use the settings from my PC performance. And ZIP disk drive (which allows storage of 100 MB of data). Solo artist for a SCSI hard drive and you are holding a night without your rpter directory.


I for one year: 1500 euros buying opportunity.
I took over the scene for some months and this keyboard is quite heavy transport (as I do not feel like scratching or damaging plutta I leave the house for my arrangements).
Sounds are poustouflants, the arranger is powerful, no, I am not by this keyboard although I have to change to invest in other material. I like the color display (slightly smaller) but it is a bit east to the front of the keyboard to the amliorer visibility.
The appearance of the keyboard is self same, this is not a toy. It is intended for beginners or pros good. For the functions I do not just all so there Retailer of possibilities. I never used the karaoke function that allows you to run to the text on the screen, or connect to a television.
If you have this keyboard and do not need to invest, keep it!