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Negraval 05/21/2003

Roland VA-76 : Negraval's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
76 arranger keyboard notes not amplifibr /> Tons of sounds and styles
Excellent effects
Ergonomics: This is the really strong point, the touch screen sensitivity perfect glove.
The VariPhrase's foot once you understand the trick.


A model of ergonomics!
Edition rev limit sounds (not a synth!) on the other hand for the styles and effects, it is glove.
The manual is luxurious and full rev, no say on it (this is rare)


Used for 1 year
Trs complte excellent sound bank. We recover the quality of the sounds of Roland (I also have the Korg it also sounds good in trs sysnthtiques, but Roland is much better for pianos and violins, guitars and other) .
For sytyles is quite traditional, but by manipulating a few custom settings you get to do the original too.
Qualitprix: correct (it is not given but is the ca)
Touch keyboard (semi-ballast is excellent.