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MGR/happyrhodes 10/14/2007

Roland VA-76 : MGR/happyrhodes's user review

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Purchasing the VA-76 was not a small matter. At the time of purchase it was running about $4900.00. I must say I enjoyed it and from time to time incorporated many of its' features into some of the songs I played. It took work but as time went on I learned tricks and ways to operate the keyboard with ease. My problem is that the zip drive has stopped functioning. It seems to format but won't read. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and if they have any advice for me. Other than that I find the machine to be workable and enjoyable.

I purchased the unit about five years ago in Toronto Ontario at Long and McQuade Music on Bloor Street. It cost about $4900 but I had a credit and two keyboards to trade in on it so my expenditure was much less.

I really like the sounds and the factory patterns on it's zip disk. They are easy to work with. The features are easy to access and enjoyable to work with.

I don't like the Zip Drive. I should have realized that this machine requires it's zip drive to be working for all the functions to be worthwhile. I don't like the sounds of the piano function.

The weight is a bit much for me but it is built strongly and can take a fair amount of shipping around.

I'm pleased I purchased the VA-76 and have had much success on stage with it. The idea of setting up entire shows ahead of time is great. It works well with the AX=1 and the FC-7 peddle. I love the machine. If only I could solve the zip drive problem.

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