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Roland G-600
Roland G-600

Keyboard Arranger from Roland

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Thread The (61 note) Roland G-600 Arranger/musicstation digital keyboard

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1 The (61 note) Roland G-600 Arranger/musicstation digital keyboard
Hi you'all keyboard wizards!

I'm appealing to your knowledge of the G-600 keyboard in question.

Here's the story: (this will only take 2 or less minutes)

In '98, bought a G-600 at the local music store. Had it but for a few days,
when I visited said store again for other needs, spotted the G-1000.
I immediately fell in love with it. The store owner was gracious enough to
let me exchange the G-600 (price: 2,100.00) for the G-1000 (price: 3,200.00).

After 2 weeks of learning the G-1000, much to my amazement,
the whole keyboard 'froze', after keying in a particular sequence.
I had memorized that sequence, & the same problem kept reoccuring again & again.

Brought it back to the local store & after proving my point, was reimbursed.
I never heard back from the store on the G-1000 glitch.

Went elsewhere for another keyboard.

HOWEVER...please read on..........

In '05, I returned to said local store & after some wheeling & dealing bought back the original ('98)G-600 I had once owned for a few days.
The price: 800.00. It was stored in their basement. Checked it out some, & went home with it. Well, well, well....low & behold when I used the sustain
pedal longer than 3 or 5 seconds, for any sound sequence/selection, the whole keyboard ... you guessed it...'freezes'.
Do you think I brought it back to the store? Nope!
Why? Because the store owner was 'smart' enough to modify the receipt by including 'would be rental costs' should I return the G-600 for any reason.
Unbeknownst to me, he did this.

I still own this keyboard & only want to know if this 'glitch' is reversable.

PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I've emailed proper sources pertinent to the issue at hand, & have gotten 'no response'!



Niagara peninsula area/Ontario/Canada.

Thank you.
Have you tried different sustain pedals?
I am about to change my E-600 for a G-600. What are the differences in quality, sound, effects etc?