Yamaha NP-30
Yamaha NP-30
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Yamaha NP-30 : Anonymous 's user review

« Excellent value for money »

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Keyboard with 76 keys that allows you to play different sampled instruments: 2 pianos, 2 harpsichords, 2 e-pianos (including a Rhodes or a similar sounding one), 2 organs, and a vibraphone.

Basic connections: 1 midi in, 1 midi out and a jack headphone output. You can also plug in a pedal.


The keyboard itself is pretty pleasant when you are used to entry-level synths and cheap MIDI controllers. The low keys are "heavier" than the high keys. Overall it's nice to play with it.

The manual is well done and it's indispensable, given the amount of settings (transpose, reverb...) that are accessed with key combinations.

The interface would've been better with more buttons per function, but you can nevertheless find your way, especially since the keyboard saves your settings.


It's weird, because the reviews I've read about its sounds are quite contradictory...

In my view, I think they are fine, generally speaking. There are obviously certain unusable instruments (the first e-piano and the awful violins), but the two acoustic pianos are expressive and the vibraphone sounds quite all right (it's an instrument that's very easy to sample since it doesn't have to many nuances that need to be taken into account).

The Rhodes is okay as well, but you shouldn't expect to get the sound of a $2000 instrument with a $300 one.

The sound improves and gains warmth with a bit of reverb.

The keyboard has a built-in amplifier with two speakers (one on each side). It produces a sound that's all right to start out, but it's obvious that anybody that has an amp will eventually end up plugging it in.

The speakers add to the overall size of the keyboard, which, as a consequence, seems quite long!