Yamaha PSR-1100
Yamaha PSR-1100

PSR-1100, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Jarrofile 06/26/2007

Yamaha PSR-1100 : Jarrofile's user review


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Please note this keyboard is not a hard-synthétyzer. You have many factory sounds are easy changes made but overall it changes only very few sounds original. The styles are very good also they are divided into four (ABCD). The intro of each are divided into three styles that is to say you have three intro, ending three and a Break on each style.
The keyboard has a section because you can easily changed easily remove all the effects and find a basic sounds or add! (Effects: reverb, touch, mono for the most important!).


Configuration point of view nothing complicated for a keyboard but we often tap the buttons to finally understand is you are doing if you start with this synth.
Editing and sound effects a bit complicated for an experienced architecture for a newcomer. We must return several times to understand the system. Everything is house no button, no slider allows you to the varied sounds. Can not edit a live sound for example!
The manual when it was long enough. And I can not tell you if it is clear because I did not read!


I have this synth for 3 years. The best point of this keyboard is the feature. He does everything. Piano (with pretty good effect) in Synth (Sounds Oxygen 4 !!!)... I tried 5 synth model before buying it without paying attention. But of those I tested it was the best. I paid € 1200 this synth and it was worth ...
As of today I'm going to lean more toward the analog (Roland SH-201, for example ...).