Yamaha PSR-3000
Yamaha PSR-3000

PSR-3000, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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alpino 09/22/2005

Yamaha PSR-3000 : alpino's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
5 octave keyboard
Connectivity USB / MIDI
Among about 850 sounds sweet + cool + live + MegaVoice / 240 internal styles
Indeed very large section covering all types of PERSONAL SET

Personally, I find the YAMAHA PSR 3000 and that's really good that I had bought elsewhere. It possde a lot of function in discovering it every day still need to know to exploit some of them but ... I think it is complete. The internal styles are great also worked jai rcemment able to compare the difference in notemment intros and end with a yamaha tyros "the great ERRF" and without wanting to invent honntement I prf re those of the YAMAHA 3000 I think a much better highlighted the MegaVoices in the PSR 3000 in the tyros (listen for example the style of the HEARTBEAT TYROS and then that of the PSR 3000 is your exact Bluff) C ' is normal as the PSR 3000 was released two years after ... He had to show a Difference ... right?
For me this keyboard is TOP has everything you need to have fun like crazy ... His connection example is complte trs (output USB drive SMART MEDIA ,...)
If I had to buy it now YES YES YES (lol) because he has an excellent quality-price. It is a TYROS given day with the added bonus a lot of new and especially a new freshness. But I wish that prciser TYROS is an excellent bte deuxime even if the name points to the nose but hey ...... bizness bizness arhhhhhhhhh!


General Config simple after a few hours of use unless it comes from a former PSR 9000 PRO AND 1000/1100/2000/2100/9000.
Editing sounds is pressed trs simple sound creator Turn the knob left and sai
Manuel Designed well but better look it sometimes even directly on the keyboard


I use it for 5 months
I love everything about this keyboard, sounds are enjoyable to hear nikel and trs. It sounds good and trs is what I sduit ds cost. The styles are fabulously good program. Intros rich and sometimes final symphony (BUT WHERE IS THE CONDUCTOR damn "LOL")
Quality-price ratio trs though nothing was going wrong.
Yes I Rasht probably for me it has everything you need. For personal enjoyment or to make accessories trs he does well I think.